Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A day with Ashlyn

Yeah... today I spent the day with Ashlyn at home. I decided to keep her home to spend quality time with her since there isn'tmuch going on at her school.

So we started the day with breakfast with Daddy. Then we went home to start practise of her piano. I am really quite please with her ability to play those songs that require her to play with both her right and left hands simulteanously. I hope that she will continue to grow in her interest in music.

After the piano, we did a little of study. What can I say...she could learn quite fast. Then we started on the christmas cards for her teachers.

Christmas cards...thinkit should be easy right? We strted at about 11am then had tobreak at 1p.m for her to have lunch and then nap. At 5pm, we started again. By 8.45pm, we only managed to finish 80%. Will be continuing tomorrow. So she will be home with me again.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ashlyn's 4th Birthday (14 December 2005)

We went to the zoo with my friend and her cousin, Ivan, and niece, Andrea, both 7 years and six year sold respectively. I thought it would be difficult for Ashlyn to warm up with them but it was not true. Within an hour after the introduction, they got on quite well.

Ashlyn seems to like to play with Andrea and thank goodness, the latter also don't mnd the 4 year old tagging behind. During lunch time, when we, adults, had to buy lunch, the kids were left together and they seemed to be able to enjoy themselves, entertaining each other.

After lunch, the kids headed to the playground and really sweated it out. From the playing, Ashlyn got even mre attached to Andrea and hence they sort of became good friends, holding hands and talking to each other.

Due to the lack of time, we actually changed out iternary. We were suppose to go to Bishan Junction 8 to watch the perofrmance of Strawberry Shortcake at 1pm but we could not rush there in time. So we took our time in the zoo and decided to go to Suntec to catch the Carebears Musical at 4pm. As for the Strawberry Shortcake, we will catch it on Friday, as Ashlyn's childcare will be closed.

When we were at Suntec, I actually had no intention of joining the queue to enter the arena. Then my colleague spotted that the queue was not that long so we joined in and got the chance go take a pix with the Carebears. Ten minutes before the Carebears appear, there was a pre-show warm-up exercise, and Ashlyn, being a usual shy girl, stripped off her shyness, stood up and actually sang and danced along with the performer. She even put up her hands to try to answer the questions but of course she was not chosen. Hey, I am still happy that she joined in the fun.

After the musical, the kids went along and played with each other until it was time to go. Ashlyn sure seemed to enjoyed herself with them. The trio went off home while we stayed and waited for Kenny, his sister and accounts girls to come and join us for dinner.

It was a very tiring day but definitely a good one.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A hectic weekend

The weekend passed very quickly as it was one seriously hectic one.

On Saturday morning, we headed out to Victoria Concert hall for the SSO performance, "Babies prom", a performance for the kids. There were many many many kids... However, it was fun enough.

Then we ended up in Funan. There we bought some IT stuff for Kenny's office and then he decided to buy the EOS for me. Actually, it was not that easy. He made the effort but I really am intending of paying him back next year. So I will be working double the effort to pay for my new toy.

There was music class after getting my new toy. Afterwhich, we headed to Marina to get the items we need for Sunday's Christmas cum Ashlyn's birthday party with Kenny's friends. By the time we headed home, we are already supdur tired.

Sunday, woke up early, rushed for breakfast then the market to get the crabs for the party. Rushed home and get everything piled in the fridge, changed and then out of the house to church. After church rush back home to get the crabs then to collect the cake followed by the filling up of petrol and then to my mother-in-law's place. There we prepared whatever we needed for the night and before I can sit down and drink a cup of water, friends started to arrive.

At least, for the amount of work and time put in for the weekend, we know that Ashlyn really enjoyed herself.

Monday was rest day for me cos' today we had to celebrate her birthday in school with her friends. Then met up with my mum and we headed to Toa Payoh for Chicken Little, the movie. The movie was not as bad as what the lady had reviewed on TV.

Tomorrow, it is me and her at the zoo. No daddy, cos' he is banned from taking leave and I totally am not angry about it. I rather he go and work and make sure that those backstabbing fools do not have another chance to jab at him.

Well, my colleague is coming along with her niece and cousin(so I we do not have to run around the world in a cab, bus or MRT). So the iternary for tomorrow is (1) the zoo (2) Bishan Junction 8 to watch Strawberry Shortcake performance (3) Suntec to watch Care Bears performance (4) Wait for daddy in Suntec and shop for her present.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

My birthday celebration

Kenny took the day off alright but it did ot last long.

We went to East Coast Park, breakfast at Macdonalds, Rent two bikes and cycled from one end to another end of the park. Of course, Ashlyn enjoyed herself too. Like I mentioned the day did not go tremendously well as it was suppose to. While riding the bike, Kenny received a call from his brother, asking him why he took leave since there are many things to be settled in the office. Although, he decided that it was okay for Kenny to be on leave but the latter was sulking after the call.

Knowing how some people in the company will use this opportunity to stab him on the back, I sent him back to the office. As for Ashlyn and myself, we were left off at Bugis Junction and there, we shopped for almost two hours... two very very tired gals shopping... can you imagine that?

After his work had been settled, he came to meet us and then to dinner we went. Buffet dinner at a resturant in Plaza By The Park. Price is quite ex $38++, food selection quite okay but at least got my favourite salmon sashimi. So we ate till our stomachs could not take it anymore.

Presents??? Well, I did not get my EOS... kind of disappointed. Another disappointment ... next week Kenny cannot take leave to celebrate Ashlyn's birthday. That was an order from his brother. So I will be celebrating with her alone. Thinking of bringing her to the zoo...KFC..playground...then to toysRus to let her select her own gift or bookstore whichever she wants. Cos it's her BIRTHDAY!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

my personality

Your Personality Profile

You are pure, moral, and adaptable.
You tend to blend into your surroundings.
Shy on the outside, you're outspoken to your friends.

You believe that you live a virtuous life...
And you tend to judge others with a harsh eye.
As a result, people tend to crave your approval.

Birthday coming soon....

like tomorrow! Hey...Happy brithday to myself then.

Your Birthdate: December 7

You are an island. You don't need anyone else to make you happy.
And though you see yourself as a loner, people are drawn to you.
Deep and sensitive, you tend to impress others with your insights.
You also tend to be psychic - so listen to that inner voice!

Your strength: Your self sufficiency

Your weakness: You despise authority

Your power color: Maroon

Your power symbol: Hammer

Your power month: July

Now, as for the part of being a loner... I think that is quite true. Sometimes, I am so sick of trying to please everyone that I get super tired. I would rather prefer to hibernate at home and do the things I like rather than to be out there and being a hypocrite. Weird right?

So friends, do not get offended if you realise that I don't usually venture out of my home. It is not that I do not like your company but just that I know I will always offend someone, somehow, some way and so on and so forth. Plus, there are times whereby people around may do things that irritate me but yet I cannot speak my mind.

Anyway, I wonder what will be installed for me tomorrow. Kenny will be taking a day off (I hope he remembered that he was suppose to do that) and together with Ashlyn, we will go enjoy ourselves. I just do not know what only.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Holiday projects

Well, I have been busy trying to bring some christmas cheer into the house. So I started by creating a small christmas tree with Ashlyn. And she sure had a lot of fun doing it.

Then I was thinking of throwing out the Hello Kitty collection that we painstakingly collected from Macdonalds...but I just could not bring myself to do so. We cannot keep it anymore as there is no more shelf space so I decided to do this...

Just yesterday, I finished two knitted ponchos, one for Ashlyn and a simlar one for her cousin. I bought a few crochetted ponchos from Bangkok and fell in love with them. As I surf the web I realised that children are also wearing ponchos to keep warm and they look very cute. So I wanted very much to get one for Ashlyn but to buy one it may cost up to $30. I chanced upon a website that gave me a very simple pattern and then I started on it.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Start of the holidays

This week is the start of the school holidays. It is also the start of my worries because there will be no income for the next six weeks.

To make matters worse, this is the period whereby we have to prepare lots of gifts. There is the anniversary gifts for each other, Ashlyn's birthday gift, her gifts to her friends for her birthday celebration, the small party that my mother-in-law mentioned yesterday, then there are also christmas gifts... So I am now thinking and thinking and still thinking but yet to come to any conclusion. The only thing I know is to make everything as simple as possible but yet fun for the little girl.

Today, i kept her home to make a small christmas tree to put in her room. She was very happy doingthe project with me. However, we have only finished the first part... there is still the need to decorate her christmas tree.

Friday, her school will be closed so that will be the day that we may venture into making christmas cookies...that can serve as gifts to friends and family. Not a bad idea too.

Geraldine, if you have read the above please don't laugh okay? Since you already know what's your christmas gift...

Then there will be other days which I will keeo Ashlyn back at home to do some christmas cards to sent out to friends and her teachers.

Hmm... look like I will be quite preoccupied for these six weeks.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Very sluggish.. cannot get much work done

Haven't been feeloing very well since my return form Bangkok. Apparently the dust there revived my sensitive nose. Plus, the shopping really tire me out. So I had not been able to concentrate on my work at all.

I have been rather slow in completing my work and all that has been goin gthrough my head is that I need to sleep. I don't know how much sleep I will need in order for my body to recover. I hope when the year-end holiday comes, I can really take a good rest.

I have been notified that next year, I will be continuing with this group of EM3 boys. So I will be quite packed full for next year.

But so what if i have things to do next year. There is no career advancement for me at all. Wonder how long I will be able to continue in this current situation?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Returned from Bangkok already

Returned on Monday night. Sure was a tiring trip. We shopped for four days...bought quite a lot of stuff.

However, if Kenny had bought the Canon EOS for me at the ariport the day we depart... I think I would end up in all the historical places to test out the camera.

But... I still enjoyed myself. Guess I will have to wait a lot longer for the EOS. Just have to constantly dream about it.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Toady...Bangkok We Go

Today, we will be off to Bangkok. Please pray for our safety and health if you are reading. Will be back on Monday.

Hope everything will go well, unlike the HK trip!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Video Editing course ended today

Today marks the end of the three days video editing course for the primary six pupils. I only know that at least the objectives of the course had been met and I learnt that teaching older kids are really not that easy. They tend to go by their own understanding and really treats the teacher like a zoo keeper.

I can say that I quite enjoyed myself during these three days although at times I really feel like strangling some of these boys. Seeing their end products< I am satisfied that they understood the course. However, we overlooked on the video taking skills. Oh... their video clips can really send your head spinning for the rest of the day.

Next, I need to go get a book on photoshop and then learn the necessary skills for teahcing of digital art next year. I wish myseelf good luck!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

PSLE Marking Days = No work

Yup... four days of PSLE marking strted yesterday. So I do not have to go to work. It also means that for these four days, I will not have any income.

These four days are good for me to get some of my video editing done. I havr put it off for years already. Years... eversince Ashlyn turned one year old. Thereafter, I was too occupied with lots of work. So I had no time to do any editing of all the videos that we had taken.

Looking back at those tapes, I am very surprised that Ashlyn did not really change much. She still have the same kind of actions when she cries, laughs, talks and so on.

I really miss those times when I did not work and stayed home to ake care of her. Those days, my temper was a lot better, Now, my temper is so bad that it scares me too.

Haven't really been very happy eversince I returned to work. And now, I am trying to get a balance of my life. I am losing control on a lot of things and like what my ex-colleague said I am a control freak plus a perfectionist. I am trying very very hard not to be. I need to relax or one day I will burst and there will be no return. Scary? Yup... I am scared myself too.

The one thing I can say now is that I am better working as an adjunct teacher but yet again I have to handle the stress of finance. Of course, with this current work I do not have to do as much as before, more relaxed and all but there is the pay cut. Hence, we have to learn to live with lesser.

So, ultimately, I still return to the Lord and ask, "How? Can I handle all these? Will You be there to reassure and help us through everyday of our lives?"

As of now, I know the answer is Yes! He had never given up pn me or my family, no matter what happened He had been there to cushion my fall. So I know that with faith and trust, all things will be well.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Terrorised by cockroaches

On Tuesday, while eating lunch, saw a smal brown object crawlin go my nice pink watch...a cockroach nymph. Scared the shit out of me. Shook it real hard and it dropped onto the floor and crawled aay calmly, leaving me shaking and fighting the urge to throw up my lunch. I did not manage to finish my lunch as I cannot put the image of that thing out of my mind.

Yesterday, went home happily and prepared the igredients needed for dinner. Was all ready to cook satay bee hoon, reach out to take the brown Vision Ware pot. Sitting on top of it, a two inch long COCKROACH! This time round I screamed at the top of my voice, ran out of the ktichen and left the food on the stove.

In the end, I went to the mini mart and bought the bait for cockroaches and another bottle of Sheltox, because the one that is at home, is sitting under the sink, not every far away from the THING!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Work is piling up

Yeah... that is what is happening now. I am in the process of setting the EM3 Maths paper for another person. Cos' she had been putting it off til the HOD of Maths is getting kind of worried. SO I am doing it now. Plus, I have to get the training guide for the video editing course out soon too.

That reminds me... I need to see if the dates for the video editing course can be changed as Ashlyn's school is closed for two days during that period. I am totally not comfortable with putting her at ... Plus, mum is working so it will be kind of unfair to ask her to stop for two days.

Anyway, on top of those I still have to finish the survery for the P5 teachers with regard to the online assignments. still hibernating somewhere.

Then I have to get the Ebglish worksheets from all the levels for digitising. Ooops... that is another massive job waiting.

Those are work, let's talk about home. There is the ever delayed vaccum and streaming. It has been overdued for two weeks and I can literally feel the germs crawling around the house. YUCKS! Then there is that whole pile of clothes waiting to be handwashed. Afterwhich, there is the study room to be repacked. Thereafter, the cleaning of the thousand years old dust all over the house.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... when will all this be done?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005




Sick again...

Yesterday I woke up with a terrible ache in my stomach and I knew it was going to be bad. I had an attack of gastric pain again. This time it was just as bad as the last time. I laid in bed the whole day...practically slept the whole day away. I tried to wake up to eat something but everytime I take a bite I feel like vomitting. Plus, when I am up, my stomach will be in pain. So I gave up and laid in bed the whole day.

Today, to make sure that I am really rested, I took another day off. So tomorrow onwards I have to work overtime in school to earn back the time lost. Hope I don't end up tired and sick again.

Anyway, haven't been sleeping well lately. It's either I could not get to sleep and had to lay in bed turning and tossing or if I managed to drift into sleep I would wake up startled from nightmares. Till now, I cannot comprehend why this is so. If the situation persist, I think I need to go to the handsome doctor to get sleeping pills already.

Hhhaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... why like that?

Maybe.... maybe... just an excue to see the handsome doctor?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Superstar Concert

It was a suprise turnout! The concert hall was actually filled. The concert was quite entertaining but there are a few segments that are turnoffs. Especially the girls' performance... sorry to say this, but there is a very good reason why they are not even in the finalist namelist.

They came out and within the first sentence of the song there is already the pitch problem...what a letdown. However, the males did a better job. Best of all the top five male and female finalists... they are good.

I enjoyed the last segment the most where Weilian, Kelvin, did his solo. He is good at singing ballads. Really took the breathe away from all the audience.

Sad to say, Ashlyn fell asleep by the time he came out to perform. She was looking forward to watch him perform.

Better still... Weicong performed. Wonder how he got out of camp to perform?

But who cares? He was there...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What the heck!

Just find it a bit disturbing. Isn't it out of concern that one will ask about another's person's health? Better still a best friend's health?

First, best friend was admitted to hospital but was informed only after the third or forth day. Kind of angry but based on her explanation, I can understand.

Second, asked her for details about her check-up. Was suppose to read her blog for updates?

I feel a little offended... yes... if you are reading this, take note. I AM OFFENDED.

Update? Do you think that I am a fan reading up on an idol's health development through a forum? I am your friend. Someone that you trust... or should I say you have trusted.

Sorry, to say this... but why complain about me not picking up my hp when you do not even call? True, I do not answer my hp on time but I return calls if I know the caller. However, I did not have any missed calls from you.

I do not have many friends unlike you... and I know why cos' I am bloody irritating. I usually will say the wrong thing at the wrong time and offend people unknowingly.

So maybe too bad, I must have offended you that is why this is happening.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Managed to get something new on the blog


I managed to get the tag board onto the blog. People around me always think that I am very IT savvy but actually I am totally lost in the IT world. However, my current job requires me to be very involve in IT teaching and learning. So...hee hee hee...I am really only swimming my way through it.

Next year, I will be given the whole P5 level to teach digital art using Adobe that is going to be a big big challenge.

Friday, September 09, 2005


就是你。。。 。。。

Thursday, September 08, 2005


风。。。 。。。

Pix with Wei Cong

Kind of vain here. Since next year I will be teaching digital art, I decided to play around with Adobe photo. So I took the picture that was taken at the studio and tried.

Actually, in the original picture there were Derek and Li Min (one of the account girls) but I cropped them out....ha ha ha

Then I also touched up the photo to eliminate all the oily skins. So ... this doesn't look very bad.

For vainity sake, I will leave this up here for a few days and then delete it. I don't want to risk any threats.


我明了。。。 。。。 应为有星星陪着我。

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Visit to the studio

The visit to the studio yesterday was not very good. The reason was because my brother-in-law caame after us (husband and myself) and when he saw me he was not very happy. Apparently he doesn't like visitation to his artistes.

PUUUUUUIIIII... but why his sister can bring the account girls there to see their favourite Derek. I only went there to see Wei Cong in real life and then also help hubby set up the printer-fax for the sound engineer. Not as if I go there and be a crazy teenage idol chasing fan.

In the end, for two hours I sat very still at the resting area, reading my book and only got up to help hubby when he asked me to. Hubby did ask me to take out my camera and take some pix.s with Wei Cong but after seeing his brother's face, I better keep quiet at one corner.

During that two hours, Wei cong had walked around and i am so bloody tempted to look at him but think better of it...i continued to read my book.

Then the account girls came along with my sister-in-law and then they were super elated cos they managed to get the photograph of Derek. Especially the youngest one, cos' she is really goo goo ga ga over Derek. I am happy for her... at least that can boost her energy.

When we eventually left the studio, we bumped into Derek who came in from the other studio. The hubby told me to go back and get take photo... ran back, then togetehr with the youngest account girl, we took a photo and then I left hastily...fearful that my brother-in-law will return.

However, Wei Cong is not the totally main reason I am at the studio... it is because i really am trying to know how they do the music recording. Don't forget that I am a multimedia freak... I love to dabble with all these. Actually before i resigned, I did ask if I could understudy the sound engineer during the school holidays and then set up a studio in school. Now...


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Activities for the day

For the start, we woke up late and had to rush cos' my mum would be late for work.

Next, I am home now...getting ready to start the second part of the cleaning out of my princess' room. Then later in the afternoon, I will be popping into the studio to see Weicong an Derek whilst they do their recordings for the Superstar compliation.

Must make sure I look nice a Tai Tai or at least not like an Ah Soh.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Cleaning out

Have been doing spring cleaning of the house eversince I resigned from Punggol. I started with the study room but there is still a lot to be done. Although I managed to shift princess' toys out of there and into the living room. They are now neatly kept on the shelves and they are covered so not so went Ikea to buy lots of storage box for her toys. So her toys are in the boxes and hence doesn't look horrible when anyone looks at it.

After a few weeks of rest, I tackled the storeroom. That is a very very very difficult task. However, I managed to do it. I am very happy over my good job... I am not thick skin here but it really is a good job. Since I managed to organised it in such a manner that I can actually go inside the storeroom and lay down...although I cannot totally straighten my body...since I am that LONG! Still it is better than before whereby I could only put a foot inside and then do my balancing act.

And after another two more weeks of rest, today I tackled my princess' wardrobe. I spent the whole morning trying to get things organised and really I had to force myself to throw out some of her old clothes and that hurts cos' it made me realise that she has really grown. However, that is not the end of her room. I have to tackle the bookshelves and study area tomorrow.

As for now... I need to go vacuum the floor and change my rabbit's and chincilla's beddings.... then rush to the childcare centre to meet princess' teacher... who does nothing but complains about her. Other teachers don't usually do that... they also say good things first, then a little complaints and then how to work together to solve the problems. However, this one is totally different. Nothing goo dseems to be coming from her mouth.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Today, I stayed home sick. Would really want to go to work but my throat infection is really bad. I can hardly swallow my saliva without crying out loud in pain. The pain is not only in my throat but also in my ears. Don't think I can teach the boys so I better stay home and rest.

Look like after today and when the September holiday is over, I have to clock in more hours in school to earn back all the money. Reason...we will be going to Bangkok in October...then all my earnings will disappear.

But still it is okay because I am enjoying my work. Never once I tell myself I don feel like going to school. So that is a good sign.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bad Day?

Yesterday was not the best day on my life, not counting the day that my dad passed away. Made the decision to go to the zoo but the morning was gloomy...or the whole day was gloomy. However, since we need to go renew out membership we had to go.

After breakfast at the coffeeshop, hopped into the car and off we went. Halfway through SLE, I suddenly rememebered my daughter's water bottle. Realising that no one had it, we shook our head and just drove on... what else can we do? It was left in the coffeeshop.

At the zoo, we fought with the weather or should I say the sun and the gloomy clouds had some battle. It drizzled then the sun shone then it drizzled and the sun shone again and so on. Then the princess decided that she was tired and hungry. Ended our trip at the zoo for lunch.

Since the princess was tired, we headed home for the afternoon nap. Upon reaching the junction before our flat, we saw the aftermath of an accident. A car with a taxi or vice versa... the passenger of the taxi was pinned in the taxi and the paramedics were trying hard to get the victim out. The driver of the red car sat on the pavement ... dazed.

The rest of the afternoon was still alright. We napped and then went to music class with princess and was invited to pizza dinner with my mother and elder brother. Till then the day was still relatively good so we thought it is getting better.

On the way home from Pasir Ris while entering TPE, saw the aftermath of another accident. A car and a motorcycle. The motorcycle in pinned under the front bumper of the car, a groupd of motorists hurdling on the side pavement and a girl crying... where is the driver and the motorist? According to my mum, the motorist was not terribly injured but sitting at the pavement with his jeans rolled up with a few scratches.

So we confirmed that it was a terrible day and I uttered silent prayers for all victims of the accidents. Went home...wanted to rest ... but got fed up of the grown man in the room playing game as he seemed to have played for the whole week. Got into a squabble with him, along with a cat and dog fight and then ended with us laughing at the pain that we caused each other. It was not a bad kind of quarrel...its a 'I am bored so u are in trouble' kind of squabble.

Today is not as good... I nearly got into an accident and am still very puzzled why the other car knowing that I am changing lane did not slow down but came right up to my backside and honked me into a nervous wreck. He is a young 'chongster'! I almost showed him my tallest finger but thought better of it.

Let's pray that tomorrow is better. Btw, we found the water bottle...the cleaners at the coffeeshop put it aside.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

3 weeks into the job

It has been three weeks since I started my adjunct teaching stint. I am glad that I have this job and able to be around people that I have known. It is very comforting to be back at home base rather than out in the open with everyone vying to get to the top of the ladder.

I do not deny that before I quit teaching, I did want to climb up to the middle management position so was really trying very hard but minus the stepping on others. I cannot do that and do not know how to do that. Instead when others are in trouble, I put in my time to help but all these was not appreciated. Now I gave up the job and my career but at least I have a peace of mind. I can only try to give my best in my current job.

Now I am doing the online assignment thingy and it can get on my nerves since some teachers are totally not cooperative. They refused to put in the effort to push the pupils to complete the assignments so I have go do all the dirty work.

Next, I am teaching the P5 EM3 Maths class. Kind of cute... those boys! I only have 4 of them in my class and they are delightful, unlike those in my previous school. To my surprise, I enjoy teaching them and really hope that I am able to push them forward and build up their confidence in themselves.

Now I am taking a rest since Monday I do not need to go to work, I can have the long weekend to rest and relax.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Got the job

Yesterday, I was saying that there is a possiblity that I may not have the adjunct teacher job...luckily I've gotten it. So I strted work yesterday and everything seems to be going quite alright.

Now, I have to quickly make a decision. The maths HOD has asked me whether Iwould like to take up the P5 EM3 class. There are nine pupils in there and each of them can be quite difficult to handle in terms of behaviour. Now I am at a lost and really wonder whether I am able to do it.

I need a sign from above and Ineed one that is loud and clear since I am always so deaf. Sometimes, He does speak tome butI am not able to hear. So I hope this time, I cna hear Him and what He plans for me to do.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I am starting my new job!

Yippeeeee... yesterday checked my status of appointment as relief teacher and it was approved. So, today I am starting work already!

First thing I need to do when at work is to get all the adminstrative things done with the clerk. Then I've got to meet the P5 teachers to discuss about the things that I am suppose to do for them. After that I've got to find the P3 leave reps to get all the worksheets to sort out.

I wonder how would I feel returning to my old workplace and see my old colleagues. I am a bit scared but definitely happier than in Punggol.

The strange thing is that the pebble that we were suppose to do and then mounted up on the wall of the reception area is still there after so many years. At least for 5 years ... I am very very surprised and thought ...maybe... I am suppose to return to this school after all.

I promise myself that this time I will try my best and put my best foot forward. Forget about the people and stress I had in Punggol.

Yipppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... work.... or NOT!!!

Just got a call from the school and was told that the HQ did not approve of me being adjunct teacher yet. So I have to sit here and wait till 12 p.m. for her to get a hold of HQ and settle the problem. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Friday, July 15, 2005

What happened for the rest of the HK trip?

Nothing worth writing about cos' there was a big quarrel and more shopping. So I wish to put that behind and move on.

Came back home on Monday night and was quite surprise at the state of my house. It ws very bright, clean and neat. Then we realised that Kenny's cousin actually tidied up the house for us when she came over to feed the two little lovable pets.

Then I started to feel a little bit guilty cos' I am definitely not able to keep my house clean and tidy and require the help of someone else. I am very embarrassed and is now seriously looking into how to improve my situation.

There are a few things which I need to change. People will usually wait till the next new year then make the new year resolution but I decided I cannot wait so long. Anyway, with my old job out of the way and me having to start as adjunct teacher back in ACS, I consider it a new start and hence I must make the changes NOW!

The changes:
1. Need to take charge of the house and make sure that everything is as neat and as tidy as possible.
2. Make a timetable to assist me in tidying the house.
3. Curb my expenditure by monitoring how much I spent everyday.
4. Take over the financial management of the house and really be the boss of the house.
5. Spend time with my princess playing and not just studying and teaching. (A lot can be learnt thru' play)
6. Make time for exercising...morning jogs around the estate ... if cannot at least a brisk walk.
7. More couple time with Kenny... we need to establish better communication.
8. Lastly... but the most important... my quiet time with GOD.

That's a lot of changes but I am determine to accomplish them.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fourth Day in Hong Kong

Was suppose to leave the house by 7 a.m. but we dragged till 8 a.m. Not all of us managaed to wake up on time. Then we set off for Shen Zhen.

Took the MTR and went to Shen Zhen. Then rushed to the custom and then the usual custom checks.

After that went to the building just beside the custom. Ate breakfast, which was very sumptuous. Then we went shopping...start searching for the branded bags. Wow! The people there were very aggressive. They will hussle you all the way till you relent and buy from them but we have refused strongly. The best part is the bargaining. For example, they quote the price of HK$300 and you are not happy with it you bargain. So let say, I want to only pay HK$100, so I quote them my price. If they cannot agree, we go away...they can come chasing you shouting,"$250...come on lah...very cheap already." You continue to walk away. "Come lah, pretty lady...$200 ...can?" Walk further away, ignoring the price. "$150... last price!" Continue to walk away. "Okay okay lah...$100." Turn back and then go buy it!

However, the irritating part is that we have to wait for those people to go to the warehouse to get the goods and you can wait up to half and hour. Sometimes after waiting for half an hour it could be a disappointing wait.

After a few shops, we managed to find a shop assistant who was willing to bring us to the warehouse to choose. So we went but there isn't many and if we want, we still have to wait for the runners to go get the goods but at least the quality of the goods are not that bad.

By the time we return home, it was already almost twelve midnight.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Third Day In Hong Kong

Change of plans, did not go to Shen Zhen today because mother-in-law's maid required a visa. So the whole gang have to go down to Tsim Sha Shui to get it done.

Took the MTR to the destination, waited patiently while they went to get the vis a done. Then tried to find a place to eat breakfast or brunch. While waiting for the resturant to be ready, Kenny, princess and myself went to have a look around. Pop into a shop and bought 4 pieces of clothes at less then S$90. A good buy and the ladies were nice.

When we returned to meet up with them...sad to say it was not very happy. Got told off by Kenny's sister that we should keep to the time and if we wanted to shop should do it later. She was not happy waiting for us. (I am upset...definitely. Cos' most of the time when there is a need to go out together Kenny, Princess and myself have to wait for them. Sometimes, we have to do that waiting game for up to half an hour or an hour... and did I complain? NO!)

After that unhappy brunch, we went shopping again. Of course, since I was told of already, I quietly followed them. As usual the three of us waited while they shopped...I complained? NO! At the second street, think they wanted to shake us off so told us to go our own way so that we did.

We went to Mongkok, where the Ladies Street is. Quite alright there, except that there are many many many people. Got a few more items and then realised that we ran out of cash. Caught a policewoman and asked her directions to the nearest Citibank. We decided to withdraw money. Then we went for desserts. Cool... I love the Zi Mah Hu. Unlike those in Singapore, it is nice and smooth.

After the recharge, we went back to Ladies Street and do more shopping. Came home with many many bags and this time they are MINE!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Second Day in Hong Kong

Woke up like 6 in the morning because it was kind of difficult to sleep in the tight space. Plus, the sky was already very bright outside so mistook it to be 7 or 8 a.m.

Once the moring stuff had been done and breakfast, we sat around and wasted time as the shops don't open early in HK. Plus, today we are going separate ways from Kenny's mother and sister. They are going to Macau to the new casino while we will go to Stanley Market to buy clothes for the princess.

Last year we went to Stanley Market at the end of our trip, we did not have much cash left to buy stuff for the princess. So this year, we decided that we will go there first. So at the end of the afternoon, we really did buy a lot of clothes for the princess... as many as 10 sets ( I think... there will about four to five bags of her clothes!)

Then we took the mini bus back to Causeway Bay. Back there, ww shopped even more. Actually, we were tired but because I wanted to take photos of the busy streets in the day and in the night, we had to continue shopping. Thought I would be the one spending the most money this time? Nope! Kenny did... he bought 4 Polo T-shirts anf 4 collar shirts...all at U2 and the collar shirts were cheap. Each costs HK$59 which is around S$15.

End of the day... I was the loser of all the shopping. Of all the bags, there were only three of my items! :(

Tomorrow... Shen Zhen in China. But our legs are breaking into pieces.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

First Day In Hong Kong

Today, we set off for HK. Woke up at 7 a.m. to get ready and then went to the airport to check in and to eat breakfast. Everything seemed okay... except that if all will just cooperate instead of just being a selfish brat.

Anyway, it was kind of terrible on flight. That was because we accounted about an hour of turbulance so flight was very bumpy and hence developed a rather nasty migraine. Did not manage to eat lunch too. First, I had to make sure that my little princess ate, so I fed her. Second, that air sickness was not very helpful to my digestive system.

Finally made it to HK and then my brother-in-law's house. All things were alright. Settled down and then went out again to eat dinner. Then come the next wave of stress... people! about the crowd in Singapore. The crowd here is about double that in Singapore.

After dinner, shopped and managed to buy two pieces of clothes. Then we shopped for groceries for breakfast for tomorrow.

As for the plan for tomorrow... who knows? I know that I want to go down to the streets at night again and practice my photograhy skills. How I wish I have my Cannon 300D (in my dreams!)

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Last Day of Work... Start of New Life

Yes... 30 June 2005 marks the end of my five and a half years career with MOE. After these years, I realised that I have yet to achieve my dreams of being a good teacher. I guess passion is not enough to be a good teacher... I need more ...X factor!

Walked out of the school feeling very empty because I suddenly lost a big part of my life...teaching. I have tried other kinds of work but realised that the only thing I can do is teach. However, today is also the day that the parent of my one and only tuition kid sacked me. Sad? Absolutely. Why? The reason was I made the child find the meanings of the words in the dictionary and she thought that he had wasted too much time there. However, I do not find that it is wrong because only through such manner the child then can learn the meanings. Since his mother had dutifully written down the meanings of some words she found for him to learn but he simply ignored it, I know he has to be a little more dilligent to improve. Another reason, there was some spelling mistakes made by me. If I can remember correctly it was only two because I was very tired. I was too careless...should not have let my guard down.

But I hope I still have a little light glowing straight ahead. ACS has decided to engaged me as Adjunct Teacher...partime teacher on flexible hours. I hope God will keep this door open for me.

If you are reading this, please pray for me.

Next challenge, to let my mum know that I have resigned. That is a very tough one cos' I know she will be worried.

Geraldine, I still do not understabd the tagboard give me a bit more time to get it up.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Holiday Time

It is holiday time but it is in the third week of the June holiday. I did not do anything much though. I tried to call tuition agencies for tuition but so far only one assignment is confirmed. I am starting tomorrow.

Had a job as a Speech and Drama teacher but that did not work out. The company is so fake. They did the interview over the phone and then told a big fat lie to the the principal of the child care centre that I am a very experienced Speech and Drama teacher; which I am not!

I have to finish all the worksheets for the school soon. Not only that the publication have to be out soon if not my head will really roll off to ... I do not know where.

Hmm.... back to work now.

Friday, June 03, 2005

It's been about two weeks

Well, it's true. It had been about two weeks since I last blogged. Was so overwhelmed with work that I cannot breathe. The last two weeks of school were really hectic.

First, we had to ensure that the pupils were able to complete the project work in time for the Open House. Eventhough my pupils' work may not be as fabulous as the top two classes but I think they should also have a chance to display their work. So I tried really hard to ensure that most of their final products were presentable. To my great relieve, they actually did better than I had expected.

Second, we also had to prepare the items to be sold in the charity fair held during the Open House. So I was trying to get the pupils to get as many beads handicraft done as possible. On top of that, I went home and continued with the handicrafts. I roped in both my husband and daughter to help. So we spent a few nights bent over the craft.

Third, we had to ensure that the report books are ready to be given out to the pupils. However, there was a delay from the top. They issued out a letter informing parents that the report books would be released on Tuesday (after the Vesak Day holiday). So we stayed back on Friday to print and check the result slips, signed them and dumped it in their trays for them to sign over the weekend. Alas, it was not done... on Tuesday, everything was still sittng snuggly in the trays.

However, all work and no play makes me a dull person. So over the Vesak Day long weekend, we visited the various farms in Choa Chu Kang. I had my eye on a dwarf rabbit. It was so docile and lovely. I fell in love with it immediately. Most importantly, my daughter was also attracted to it. She kept on patting it and even talked to it. However, my husband was not really touched by that little fellow. So we left it and went to look for other adventures.

My daughter kept insisting on catching fish. So we went to a particular shop that allowed us to catch as many fiah as we want at no time limit for just the price of $4. So we did. Together with her, we caught about 20 over little fish and she was beaming with joy after that.

Relentless over the issue of the rabbit, I harassed my husband. So he gave in at the end. In the same evening, we rushed down to another pet shop to have a look at the dwarf rabbit that was on sale there but was quite disappointed.

Guess what? The next day, we went back to Choa Chu Kang and found that little adorable rabbit and bought it back home. So now we officially have two pets; a chincilla and a dwarf rabbit.

As for the 20 over fish that we caught, in the span of two weeks, they died. Guess we are not really suitable for rearing fish. This is not the first time that fish die on us.

And we are going to the zoo tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A frustrating Start

Today do not seems to be going well.

First, I had little sleep as my daughter kept coughing through the night. I wonder when her cough will clear. No time to bring her go to the clinic,so can going give her cough medicine and the miracle medicication of PRAYER.

Second, came to school and I totally felt like an idiot. Those stupid colleagues of mine spoke of me, in front of me, treating me like a stupid idiot. Got so fed up, I called my husband and started to tell me what was happening. I raised my voice (not that I was picking a fight with my husband) but to let them I was around and they should SHUT THEIR TRAP!

Sorry for the language but seriously, they are doing things by themselves without letting the people in the level know. So people like me are left out and then they have the cheek to turn around and point an accusing finger at me.

So I do not need them to tell me what to do. I can do it by myself and really, I hope the pupils will be more up to it.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Just Finished My Project

What project do I need to do? Not that I am taking any course at the moment. I am finding all the relevant information for my pupils projects. So my husband asked me who is the one doing the project?

Well, I cannot help but to help these pupils. Unlike pupils from my previous school, these pupils are rather deprived. Most of them are from low income family and hence have no internet access so the chances of them getting the information are not that high. I did tell them to go to the library over the weekend to search for the necessary information. Yet again, not many of the parents are able to bring them to the library as they are working. So to prevent myself from getting all angry over the fact that they do not have the information, I help cover up my backside.

Call me "kiasu" but we are given five days to complete this project thingy and they are expected to present their final product during the open house. I do not have that much confidence.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself today. I spent the whole day at home with my family. Well, my daughter's music lesson has been changed to 6 p.m. so there was ample time in the day to do our craft work. (When I find the time to upload the pictures, you can see what she had done.)

Can you believe that my three years and five months old daughter helped me to mop the floor? Well, she did and she seemed to enjoy every second of it. So now I have a little helper. I can make it a weekly affair!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Something is very wrong with me

Like I mentioned in the title, there seems to be a problem with my body. For the last three days, I was nursing a terrible migraine. That is not the only thing that I am nursing. I am also nursing a terrible stomach. I seems to be constantly plagued by this stomach cramps for the last two day.

I thought the cramps were gastric cramps since I have this terrible habit of skipping my meals. However, it is not. I know that definitely because since I had these cramps, I have dilligently ate my meals eventhough I do not have the appetite for it.

Now I suspect is due to my gastric flu. I suffered from that over the Labour Day long weekend. It all started with my favourite food...CHILLI. I ate Loh Mee in the school canteen in Thursday and the vendor knows that I am truly and utterly in love with chilli and it has to be as spicy as it can be. So she dumped in two soup spoons of chilli paste (made of chilli padi). In the afternoon, when I returned home, I felt the trouble coming and chided myself for my foolidhness (by the way, this is not the first time). I ended up in the washroom quite a few times.

By that evening, I was bent on the double with spasm. It hurt so badly that I was rolling in bed and groaning in terrible pain. My husband and daughter had no choice but to leave me alone to nurse my pain because there was nothing they could do. I suffered in tremendous pain for about three hours and my husband decided that it is not getting any better and forced me to go to the doctor. I refused (stubborn... that's why).

He was more stubborn than me and my daughter was beside me patting me and reassuring me. In her words, it can be very reassuring and comforting. She said,"It's okay. Your tummy pain pain, is it? It's okay. Daddy will bring you go to the doctor. It's okay. Eat medicine and then pain will go away. Want to go to my Doctor Ong?" (Doctor Ong is her PD)

Finally, I relented because I think my daughter gets upset seeing me in pain. So they half dragged me to the clinic. I was too weak to walk on my own and not forgetting when the spasms came, I had to stop moving. It was that painful.

At the clinic, I was given a jab (OUCH!!!) and the spasm disappeared. I was under strict instruction to avoid spicy food. Sadly, the medication only lasted for one hour so by 11 p.m. I was again in pain. The pain remained for the rest of the night.

After that incident, I had stayed away from chilli and only started to take them recently in this week and I guess my tummy just refuse to accept the torture.

No chilli for me? What is life without chilli?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Its a tiring day

I have like five minutes before I have to step back into the class. I am super tired today for a few reasons.

The exams are over, so it is the time to start marking the papers. We had to rush out the science paper by these two days and it only ended yeaterday. We were all made to stay back after school to mark the papers but unfortunately, there were skivers among us and they insisted on returning home early and wanted to continue today during their free periods.

Sad to say, I do not agree with htem because I am the only one in the level with no free periods for today. So I took everything back home and marked till I dropped at about 1am.

Me, being me, is not the type of person who will fall asleep the moment my head touches the pillow, I ended up sleeping about half an hour later then 1 am.

So can anyone imgaine the fatigue I am feeling. I can feel the growing of a massive magraine and I have accidentiallyy thrown away my medicine. As usual a simple muddleheaded person like me, usually do not get things right.

So here I am trying to stay on till the end of the day and then will rush home and crash and bang into my beloved bed.

But now it is time to return to the 40 darlings in that room.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's Mother's Day

Hey... it's another reason for celebrating and conning my husband for a gift, so why not? So what did I get for this joyous occasion? A new handphone... the new limited edition black Motorola V3. Cool! I love it and will continue to until they come up with something new (and I hope it is another 2 years from now).

What did we do today or should I say for the two days, Saturday and Sunday. You see as a married woman, I will have to celebrate with my own mother and my mother-in-law. So, yesterday I celebrated Mother's Day with my in-laws. Since she was not feeling well and me being a cheapo person, I decided that I will cook for her. I thought I can impress her with my Pepsi Char Siew Chicken. So early in the morning, we (husband, daughter and myself) went to the market and bought all the things that we needed. I was all enthusiatic about the dinner and was totally preparing myself for praises.

After my daughter's music lesson, we went to my in-laws place and then I started to cook. Of course, her maid, being the person in-charge of the kitchen refused to come out of it and hand me over the spcae to me, I had to share the ktichen with her. Thank goodness.. cos' it took me an hour to cook that chicken thingy. The flame from the stove was relly small and I was almost at the verge of crying. Due to the fact that my brother-in-law had an appointment and was in a rush for time. So she was able to control the situation and together we managed to rush out the dinner before my mother-in-law came home.

After the dinner and everything, I am not very sure whether she appreciated it or not. The reason is very simple, she is a woman of great pride and hence will not say it out. I cannot deny the fact that I went home very discouraged. I really tried... really and I still do not know what do I need to do.

Well, due to the fact that we were very tired after yesterday, this morning we woke up at ten in the morning. Even our dilligent alarm clock (our daughter) did not jump around us in bed at seven. Instead, she came to join us in our bed and then she resumed sleeping till ten a.m.

After breakfast, we went to Qianhu Aquarium and hoped that by the time we reached there it will have stopped raining. Unfortuntately the rain did not stop and my spirit was a little dampened but I refused to be beaten by the rain. I am one person who will run into the rain and have myself soaked silly wet. So we bought ourselves a net and a plastic tank and started fishing in the little drain in the aquarium. Both my husband and myself enjoyed ourselves a lot trying to catch those little rascals. Don't think we left out our daughter. She could not reach deep into the drain and was not fast enough but she still had her fun of jumping into the puddles of water.

Me, being ingenious, I tried to get the fish into the net and then yelled for my daughter to hold onto the net and I told her that together we had managed to catch it. Together, we caught 4 fish. However, between my husband and myself, we each caught about six fish each.

After the fishing, I decided that we should go goat feeding (since we are all the way there at Lim Chu Kang). So we went to Hay Dairies Farm and fed the goats. My dearest daughter requested for a bottle of goat's milk and insisted she wanted the pure one and not the chocolate one. I admired her courage.

After all those exciting activities, we went back to my mother's place. Actually I intended to cook for her but since we woke up late and did not go to the market, I decided that we will treat her to dinner outside. Knowing that the reasturants would be crowded, we went for dinner as early as five. Thank goodness, because when we were there we were still able to choose our seats. After we finished at about seven, there wasa super long queue outside the resturant. Thank you again for my quick thinking.

Overall, I enjoyed myself a lot and seeing my daughter and husband enjoying themselves I am also very very very the happy and blessed.

Friday, May 06, 2005

ANother day in school

Just another day in school. I am worried for the pupils, more nervous than them. The reason is very simple, they are having a Maths Exam now. YES... NOW! I hope they will take my advice and will try to give it their best. They are capable pupils but their lack the motivation from within.

I had given all extrinsic motivation and that only last for a short period of time. Once the excitment of these motivation wear off, they will revert back to their shells and wallow back in self-pity. No matter how I tell them that they are good, they refused to believe me. Of course, I do tell them their faults because only through knowledge of oneself then is the child able to better him'herself. Think that part may have backfired because they only hear the bad side of it and ignore the fact that they are good.

Till the next blog.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

My First Posting

Today marks the start of my blogging.

Hey, I've always love to write. I had tried writing diaries but got a little tired of it. Maybe, it's because of the need to pick the pen up and writing too long hurts my fingers. Then, my dearest husband encourged me to write more by giving me a $300 pen. I love it and I use it to write my little story. However, that is put on the shelf now because I am overwhelmed with work.

Looking on the bright side, I can continue it again come 1st July. Why? It's because I have decided to quit. I cannot stand the working environment anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. What am I doing? I am a teacher and I love to teach. Teaching is my life but I hate the place that I am in now. It has make me doubt myself as a teacher.

My plans after 1st of July?

1. Take a good rest and catch up on all the sleep that I had lost over the 2 years that I had been in this school.

2. Spend time with my daughter. My adorable Arkerchi... Since I owed it to her after I went back to work. I had being working 18 hours a day and only spend 2 hours with her. The other 4 hours? Trying to get some sleep.

3. Catch up on my hobbies... my craft work, my writing, my video editing (I have so many DV tapes of my daughter and our family outings that are waiting for me to edit)

4. Reading up on teaching strategies so that I can apply them to my tuition projects.

5. Look for tuition projects.

I cannot wait for 1st of July.