Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's Mother's Day

Hey... it's another reason for celebrating and conning my husband for a gift, so why not? So what did I get for this joyous occasion? A new handphone... the new limited edition black Motorola V3. Cool! I love it and will continue to until they come up with something new (and I hope it is another 2 years from now).

What did we do today or should I say for the two days, Saturday and Sunday. You see as a married woman, I will have to celebrate with my own mother and my mother-in-law. So, yesterday I celebrated Mother's Day with my in-laws. Since she was not feeling well and me being a cheapo person, I decided that I will cook for her. I thought I can impress her with my Pepsi Char Siew Chicken. So early in the morning, we (husband, daughter and myself) went to the market and bought all the things that we needed. I was all enthusiatic about the dinner and was totally preparing myself for praises.

After my daughter's music lesson, we went to my in-laws place and then I started to cook. Of course, her maid, being the person in-charge of the kitchen refused to come out of it and hand me over the spcae to me, I had to share the ktichen with her. Thank goodness.. cos' it took me an hour to cook that chicken thingy. The flame from the stove was relly small and I was almost at the verge of crying. Due to the fact that my brother-in-law had an appointment and was in a rush for time. So she was able to control the situation and together we managed to rush out the dinner before my mother-in-law came home.

After the dinner and everything, I am not very sure whether she appreciated it or not. The reason is very simple, she is a woman of great pride and hence will not say it out. I cannot deny the fact that I went home very discouraged. I really tried... really and I still do not know what do I need to do.

Well, due to the fact that we were very tired after yesterday, this morning we woke up at ten in the morning. Even our dilligent alarm clock (our daughter) did not jump around us in bed at seven. Instead, she came to join us in our bed and then she resumed sleeping till ten a.m.

After breakfast, we went to Qianhu Aquarium and hoped that by the time we reached there it will have stopped raining. Unfortuntately the rain did not stop and my spirit was a little dampened but I refused to be beaten by the rain. I am one person who will run into the rain and have myself soaked silly wet. So we bought ourselves a net and a plastic tank and started fishing in the little drain in the aquarium. Both my husband and myself enjoyed ourselves a lot trying to catch those little rascals. Don't think we left out our daughter. She could not reach deep into the drain and was not fast enough but she still had her fun of jumping into the puddles of water.

Me, being ingenious, I tried to get the fish into the net and then yelled for my daughter to hold onto the net and I told her that together we had managed to catch it. Together, we caught 4 fish. However, between my husband and myself, we each caught about six fish each.

After the fishing, I decided that we should go goat feeding (since we are all the way there at Lim Chu Kang). So we went to Hay Dairies Farm and fed the goats. My dearest daughter requested for a bottle of goat's milk and insisted she wanted the pure one and not the chocolate one. I admired her courage.

After all those exciting activities, we went back to my mother's place. Actually I intended to cook for her but since we woke up late and did not go to the market, I decided that we will treat her to dinner outside. Knowing that the reasturants would be crowded, we went for dinner as early as five. Thank goodness, because when we were there we were still able to choose our seats. After we finished at about seven, there wasa super long queue outside the resturant. Thank you again for my quick thinking.

Overall, I enjoyed myself a lot and seeing my daughter and husband enjoying themselves I am also very very very the happy and blessed.

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hey Wen,

Happy Mother's Day...

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