Monday, April 27, 2009

Some randomness for the end of April

It is coming to the end of yet another month and I am quite ashamed with myself.
My cameras have been in cold storage for quite awhile.
The weather has been crazy hot and the sun has been burning down at us very harshly causing me to be in constant pain in the head area...

Anyway, just to make sure that I do not totally disappear from this space, like me indulge in a little randomness...

First, there is this new Indian stall at the coffeeshop that we visit very weekend mornings. Other than the usual prata, this is what it serves also. It is crispy and the chocolate syrup simply makes it even more delicious. However, its prata needs to be a little more crispy to be able to meet my standard.

Second, Aver likes to read and bugs me to read to her. However, I have been putting it off. I have decided not to put this off anymore. My version of homeschooling will have to start soon. She is an eager learner and enjoys going for lessons. Come weekends, she will ask to go for lessons and if does not have lesson on that day, she will sulk. If I tell her that she can have Mummy's lesson, she will reply,"Ok, I wan Mummy's lessson," smiles and walk away satisfied.

Ash had her first ballet exam somewhere last month and she got her result.
I was hoping that she may not do quite well for it so that I can have an excuse to drop ballet from her extra curriculums... but guess I have to wait another year.
Anyhow, I should be proud of her.

There was some fabric shopping over the last weekend and I managed to sew two pieces of clothing for the two princesses... will show photos of it the next time.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mini Pouchies

I have made these two mini pounches which for the sake of cuteness, I call them mini pouchies.

Mini Sweetie Pouchie

Mini Sweetic Pouchie (back)
Mini Flora Pouchie
Mini Flora Pouchie (back)

They measures approximately 5.5" by 5''.

Inner lining is green (somewhat like the Detol kind of green... lightish green).

Has a ribbon strap at one side which is long enough to allow yoor wrist to slip in.
I can put my Nokia N95 in it and a packet of tissue too.
These pouchies are for sale but I do not know how much to price them at.
Tentatively, I am thinking in the range of S$5 to S$7.
Would you like to suggest a price for it?
Would you be interested in purchasing one?
Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Randomness of life

It had been awhile and this little space is a little neglected.
So... here is just a little randomness around me.

Aver's newest hairstlye...

Ash snoozing away in the car...

Aver got so tired waiting for her favourite soya bean tart...

Another beautiful morning sky...
I have called in sick today as my body and my mind can no longer function properly.
My migraine attacks are more frequent now and I need time to nurse the sore head.
I need a break from all the frustrations and the best way is to be alone at home for a few hours.
Quiet and peace is what I need now.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Just Photos

I took this photo of Aver napping this afternoon when we reached home.
She must had felt that the classic music playing from the radio is too noisy for her.
These groups of photos were taken while on the way to schools in the morning.
If you have noticed, I typed 'schools', in the plural form as it refers to three different schools we are heading to in the mornings.

This particular one is a sunset.

It was so beautiful... my photography skill does not do justice to the sunset and Superpig refused to stop the car for me to have a good shot too.

And there were rainbows...
Again, my skill does not do justice to the magnificent view.
The sun was setting and the sky was tinted orange.
There was a slight drizzle and I thought there might be a rainbow...
As I walked out into the corridor, I saw it and was in awe.
The rest of the evening was all joyful as I cannot stop thinking about the beautiful rainbow in the orange tinted evening sky.

Lastly, another digital layout of the girls reading together.
It is a rare sight as Aver will always snatch the books away from her sister.
Or you can hear Aver shouting at her sister...

Friday, April 03, 2009

Towel is is hanging on the pole

I am not alllowed to throw in the towel yet...
At the rate that we are going, I don't think I can throw in the towel anytime soon.

I want to say that this time, the problem is not the institution or the people that I worked with. So my need to quit is more personal.
It seemed that since I have returned to teaching, things at home are not doing very well.
I have been easily tired and easily stressed (because I am a perfectionist and I believe that I can change the world ... which I cannot!) that this has started to affect my two princesses.
It has also started to affect me... I look very different as compared to 2 years ago. My skin is dull and unpleasant and I am usually seen with a frown and not a smile.

At this very moment, I leave the house to go to work with heavy heart.
At the back of my mind is the two princesses.
Hence, I cannot concentrate on my work.

I need to find a way out of this situation but it seems like it will be like that for the next few years.

So... I cannot quit even if I need to.

So... I need to learn to super multitask and multi think!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I am throwing in the towel!

I am typing this at work and I am throwing in the towel.
What happens when the passion for your job is now become a chore, a fear and exreme stress.
I quit 4 years ago and now I am quitting again.
Call me weak but I realised that I am no longer as good as I was before.
I do not want to coninue asking myself what is it that I am not doing right or wht went wrong.
The answer is nothing went wrong!
It just that it is not my path.
This is no longer my calling...
Actually, what is my calling?