Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What has been going on here...

There is so much that I need to blog about that I am not sure how to go about doing it.

At the same time, I do not have the luxury of time (like before) to do it ... so I see what I can put up here in this short time I have now.

First up... thank you for the well wishes when I was sick. I am better but not my baby...arh... she caught my cold but she is still actively running around the house.

Now ... the rest of what I have to say...

Two weeks ago (if my memory is not failing me...), there was a book sale held by the Singapore National Library Board. It was a sale of used library books and being a book lover I could not allow myself to let this sale go without me involved.

So Superpig taught me how to get there by car... yes, I drove there! (That is a wonderful wonderful achievement to me as I have problems with directions.) After two or was it three hours there, I spent a total of $198 (Singapore dollars) with a loot of 49 books. Mainly books for Ash and myself but I did not forget Superpig... I got two for him... something to help him in his work.

That below is the loot I am talking about...

And before the sale started, I saw this fellow resting happily on the glass wall of the exhibition hall, so I mustered up my courage to take its photo.

Then, it dawned on me that I could actually go round the other side and take its photo without fearing it flying to me! Anway.. what is it? I thought it was a giant grasshopper but Superpig said it should be a locust considering that it is almost 10cm in length.

There is also the durain season... yummy yummy durians (stinky for others...).

My school actually held a durian party for teachers and family, whereby we could eat all the durians we wanted for free. However, as I was recovering from that event of unlucky health situation, I did not join in the fun.

But we could not resist the temptation and went ahead to get our own durians....

It was also on that night when we were eating dinner, I saw this nice cat happily sleeping on the stool. It slept for the longest time and did not even move an inch when people went close. I went to take a look at it and realised that it was wounded. Hence, it was not willing to move... Ouch...

And there is the preparation in school for the coming of 9 August, Singapore's National Day... Every class was to design a hat that symbolise Singapore (or at least that is what I am hearing...

This particular hat caught everyone's attention...

There is the Singapore Flyers, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (well known for its ability to clam down on SARS when it broke out then), Supreme Court, the ship (which I guess symbolise that Singapore started out as a small fishing village).

And lastly... the ERP gentry!
ERP = Electronic Road Pricing
This road pricing policy was implemented to curb the heavy traffic and in recent years, the prices have been increasing and still is increasing. Along with that, there are more gentries erected and there will be more!

Anyway, the class that produced this is really creative.
Salute to you guys.

At the same time, the last picture is dedicated to Superpig and his colleagues (even though ERP-ing is not his department...)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sick, sick and still sick

In just a short week, I battled and still is battling with
1. a cold sore on my nose
2. a massive migraine that started on Friday and is still ongoing
3. a throat infection
4. a cold (now along with the migraine!)

I had taken a day off on Friday and Monday off from work due to the migraine and the throat, went back to work on Tuesday and by Tuesday night, I am suffering from a super ultra runny nose and a sore head!

And I can safely say that it got nothing to do with the rain on Saturday... because I never ever fall sick due to being drenched in the rain.

Conversation that transpired between Superpig and myself...

Myself: In one week, I battled with a cold sore, a massive migraine, a throat infection and now a cold!
Superpig: So...what do you think you should do?
Myself: I think I should ... stay at home... and be a mother!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have finished reading...

Perfect Match
Jodi Picoult

From the backcover of the book:

What happens when you do all the wrong things for all the right reasons?

As an assistant district attorney, Nina Frost prosecutes the sort of crimes that tear families apart. But when Nina and her husband discover that their five-year-old son Nathaniel has been sexually abused, it is her own family that is devastated. The world Nina inhabits now see,s different from the one she lived in yesterday; the lines between family and professional life are erased; and answers to questions she though she knew n o longer easy to find.

Overcome by anger and desperate for vengeance, Nina ignites a battle that may cause her to lose the very things she's fighting for.

My afterthoughts...

I will do my very best to protect my children from any harm that may befall them. If harm comes in the form of an illness that strikes with no warning, I can only pray for the mercy healing hands of God to be upon them. However, if harm is inflicted upon them by another human being, I cannot confidently say that I will not harm the person who inflicted it.

I had been harmed before and when my own mother did not stood up and protect me, I realised that I was not worthy to be protected. I realised that I am not important enough. Till this very day, I still doubt my worthiness and my importance. Do I hate my mum for that? Nope... guess she did not know how to react to it all at that time. She had her hands full trying to make sure that she bring in enough money to keep us alive.

Now, for my children... I am and will do anything for them!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Another eventful Saturday

A good friend of ours gave us tickets to watch the rehearsal for our National Day Celebration.

Singapore's National Day is on 9th August and before the actual day itself there are weeks of full-dress rehearsals.

Today, we went for one of it...and it rained.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hortpark... continues...

There are more pictures to show... so sit back and enjoy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Out in the hot sun...

folicking with the flowers.
I requested for the Saturday afternoon to be spent with my princesses out in the open so we went to Hortpark.
We truly enjoyed ourselves despite the fact that the sun was burning our skins.
If you do want to go, please slap on generous amount of sunblock, bring along an umbrella or a big sunhat and water. There is not much shaded or sheltered areas.
Let's start with pictures of us enjoying ourselves first...

These are only the first installment of photos.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Thank you, my friends

I like to thank the encouragments and comments given in the earlier post.
I am working hard to make myself feel better.
Look at how bad my English was in the earlier post... so many grammar mistakes.
Well, I hope that will be the last post of such negative talk.
I see new friends leaving comments and I hope you will continue to visit this little blog.

Wishing everyone a happy weekend.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Be warned ... this post will not be a pretty one

My mood started to dip by the end of the day the night before.

I have no idea why but I just feel that I am a little overwhelmed and tired.
This morning on the way to work, my mood crashed... I broke down when I eventually reached school.

Teared a little... not those cry my eyes out kind.

This is the third week at work and I am not happy.

Not happy having to leave the baby at home, not happy to have to walk out of the house with her crying behind, not happy having to pry her little fingers off me and hand her to my mum, not happy to be holding her when she naps in the afternoon, not happy to hear her little feet plattering around me...

So the whole emotion thingy is making me sick in the tummy this morning (or is it due to the fact that I have yet to eat my breakfast?)

Then in the train, I sat happily reading my novel (which depicts a 50 year old lady who had an affair and now is pregnant... how I wish I can be home and be a new mummy again!). The people started to fill the train and I was oblivious to them. I usually will look around and see if there is anyone who needs the seat more than me but today I did not bother.

There was an elder man but he don't seems to need the seat and he is not very near me too. I carried on readin till the train reached my stop. As I stood to alight, the elder man wobbled his way to my now vacant seat.

By then, my heart had already dropped to my feet. What a selfish spoilt brat I was... I cannot stop blaming myself till now.

Yup... my emotions were haywired by the time I reached school so I cried (a little).

Now... I am trying very hard to concentrate on my work... which you can see that I cannot... haiz...

I need some therapy... retail? crafting?


And on a lighter note, thanks for the nice comments about the rubix cube. It can be quite fun trying to solve it. Now with the formula in hand, it doesn't seems tuanting anymore.

Lastly, I leave you with this cute little face.
That is Ash around 2 years old.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Rubix Cube Fever!

I remembered the craze back in the eighties and as a young little girl, I tired my hands on it but I could never solve it.
My elder brothers were snickering away at my failure to solve the cube.
Now the Rubix craze is back...

When I first saw it, I told myself that I would not fall prey to it again.
However, I just cannot accept the fact that I have failed to be a Rubix Cuber.
So I bought it and searched through the internet for help.
(Superpig said that there is a formula to follow... and my brothers never told me that!)

Well, before I could really try my hands on the cube...
A particular baby girl, Aver, decided that she is better at solving the cube than anyone else in the household.
She will hog the cube and refused to hand it over!

You can see that she has it with her most of the time.
I "stole" it from her when she took her nap and when she was swimming with her Daddy.
And I managed to SOLVE it!
I am now officially a

(with the help of the formula though!)

Ash's School Carnival - 5 July 2008

It was a fun-fileed day on Saturday.
There was Ash's school carnival which we went late due to very very bad traffic conditions on that day.
But she still managed to have a little fun.
She was with her Daddy queuing for the Formula One Race!
While they queued, the little one had to be satisfied with her own Formulae One Car!
Oh... she eventually fell asleep.

There ... the serious car racer waiting for the signal to go.
And of she went... (reminder to Superpig and myself... no way is she going to get her driving license when the age comes!)

Then she went on the Merrry Go Round Swing.
Trying very hard to smile and look not giddy.
Lastly, she went on the Viking Ship.
She was afriad... her words,"I felt as if I am going to have a heart attack!"
She went on three rides and that was all.

We had to leave for yet another appointment.