Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Digital L/O

Aver is sick and hence I am home with her.

Other than trying to get some rest along with Aver, I decided to do a quick layout.
I kept it real simple by using item from mostly one collection - Valentine 2009 from Scrapbook Flair. (I think... I am lousy, mostly hopeless at keeping records of those scrapbooking kits I downloaded.)
Back to Aver being sick...
Well, if you had been following this blog, you will have known that she has sensitive skin and hence her eczema attacks. For the past year, the eczema raches came and went and along with it she started to have this cough. The cough is prolonged and it usually appears when her rashes appear.
It was finally confirmed that her cough is largely due to her eczema... she developed sensitive airways too. In the recent two months, this cough started to develop into wheezing. She had that last month and I had to be away from work for 4 days to look after her. She got the wheezing again on Saturday and went to see the doctor on Sunday. Today she is kept at home to recuperate. Her wheezing has stopped and now she is nursing the cough and the phelgm.
On top of that, her fingers are badly infected and that is also due to eczema! I would have shown you a picture of her badly infected thumb but it will definitely make you upset.
Let's just pray that she will get better by tonight and we can all go back to our normal routine tomorrow.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Digital Scrapbook Layout

It has been a long time since I last did a digital scrapbooking layout.
I am getting dusty.
Hope I can find some time to do at least one layout a week.

Friday, March 20, 2009

More Stamps!!!

I am sort of hooked on this eraser stamp craft thingy... and Superpig has been very encouraging. He is even willing to sponsor the craving tools but I don't mind waiting a little longer. I like my penknife for now.

So in the span of three days, I made these.

Although they are not very professional looking or even cute enough compared to those I have seen on Flicker but I am willing to keep learning and testing my own skills.

It is a joy to learn something new and it is a even greater joy to perfect this new skill. I have learnt to sew for my daughters and myself, I have learnt to crochet, I have learnt to do digital scrapbooking and now I have learnt to carve my own stamps... in these two years that past, I must say that I am growing slowly in my crafting talent.

Maybe... just maybe, I do have a talent somewhere.

No... I am not being pessimistic. I had always wondered what is my talent. I had always asked God about it. I had grown up thinking that I am a talentless and unintelligent person. (Actually, I still feel this way sometimes.)

Maybe... just maybe ...

I am happy

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buckwheat Wrists Rest

Two posts in one day?

That is because Aver is in childcare and Ash has been brought out by her paternal grandmother. And I already miss her... I wonder why my mother-in-law never asked me along? I guess in her eyes I am not a good enough mother to my children or a good enough wife to her son...

Anyway, since I am at home alone and feeling depress, I need to work on something. So, I sewn.

I did mentioned somewhere in the past that I had lots of organic buckwheat ... since Superpig had been asking for a wrists rest. I made one ... sorry ...FIVE of them!

Why so many? That is because I want to use up the scrap fabric from the curtains I made yesterday and I am feeling generous (despite fighting the abovementioned depressing thoughts).
So if you want any of it just leave a comment here. Four friends will be picked out at the end of this week. Don't worry about your distance ... I am feeling generous.

Two Noren Curtains and some rubber stamps

It's the school holiday for a week here so I can stay at home with Ash. Ash knows how to entertain herself so I can do my own stuffs. Aver, on the other hand, goes to childcare as usual.

So, I sew and I surfed the web for more inspiration.

We had always wanted curtains at our doorway so that we can open our doors without having to feel shy about the mess inside. We had went to Ikea in the past two weekends and we bought two fabulous fabric from the curtain section and the curtain rod.

Yesterday, I sew the curtains... both of it. I put the first one up and the other went into the storeroom before I took any photos of it. So here is the first one...

As I blog hopped, I got even more inspired by the crafts made by others out there. I had always love rubber stamps and had wanted to try making my own (ha... this sound rather familiar. According to Superpig, I like to try every crafts out there.) This time my inspiration came from Xue-originals. She made beautiful rubber stamps.
At first, I did not have the intention of making my own as that would mean I need to go look for the craving knives and the wood blocks... cost cost cost... At the moment, I am biting my fingers, trying very hard not to buy need craft supplies. But, I chanced upon another blog (which I have lost the link...) which featured some Japanese craft books which involve making your own rubber stamps using erasers.
And TAH....DAH.....

I used those flag erasers (which does not erase pencil marks well...), a pencil (to draw the design...) and a pen knife (to try to carve..). It worked! These may be very simple and amateur but I like the simplicity and these are images that I like. I like the little girl as it resembles my two girls.

Hope you will like them too.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun with dough, Sports Day and...

I finally managed to drag out the cold storaged play dough and soft clay for the princesses to play.
Aver did cutting and rolling of play dough with Superpig.
Ash and I tried our hands at the rather-not-so-soft soft clay (it was not kept in air tight condition...)
However, we had no final product to show as Ash and myself have no idea what to do.

And today, it's Ash's Sports Day at school.
She was running in the class relay.
Her group came in second... WELL DONE!
We observed her from a distance whilst she was with her friends.
It was fun to observe her from a distance.
Very much like me, she is a loner and a follower.
But she tried her best to be with her friends and she did enjoy herself also.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Crochet and Sewn

From an ugly transponder to a lovely item to hang on my neck whilst I am at work.

So if anyone is interested in beautifying your transponder drop me an email.

Oh... I am very proud of it because I designed it myself and it is my first very own pattern.

Next is a blouse I had sewn for myself.

After sewing for my princesses and also other non-wearable items, I finally embarked on a blouse for myself.

I like the blouse a lot and the instruction is rather easy to follow.

I believe there will be more blouses for myself in future.

With regard to the Pay It Forward game, the response is weak but as and when you like to join in just drop a comment here.

Ah Fat, your item is in the designing stage... and thanks for responding to that post.