Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aftermath of Christmas

I did not finish the posts up to Christmas, as I would have loved to...
The reason is rather simple... I was way too busy.

As mentioned in earlier posts that I had yet to get ready the gifts of the festive season and was kind of sulking about... then as I was about to get started on baking cookies for Aver's christmas celebration in school, Superpig requested for more handmade presents for his colleagues.

So on the eve of Christmas eve, I set my sewing machine to work hard... I sewed over twenty tissue cozies (which I had not taken any photos of... duh... who has the time for it). The tissue cozies goes to Superpig's colleagues and a few of Aver's teachers.

Then when Aver rest for the night, I set my mixer to work and then my oven was hot right up to 2 a.m. in the morning. I baked cookies for Aver to bring to school the next day. (No pictures again... but they are the same as the ones that I made with the gals earlier on)

At 2 a.m., I thought I was able to go rest my sore feet and terribly aching back but I realised that the tissues cozies needed to be wrapped and packed for Superpig and Aver... So I wrapped presents till 3.30 a.m., praying very hard that Aver will not wake up to nurse and grumbled that Superpig was snoring away.

On the morning of Christmas eve, I dragged myself out of bed and into the car. Aver went to school for her celebration and Superpig to work, then I drove home with Ash and I slept till it was time to go fetch them.

I kept telling myself that I have the afternoon and night to get the presents for our friends done up and was feeling kind of relieved. At 3p.m., Superpig got a call from his friend and asked us wht we wanted for dinner... I was in shock! The christmas gethering should be on Christmas... wasn't it? NO! NO! NO! I had gotten the date wrong, we were suppose to meet on Christmas eve!

There I was stunned and with no presents for anyone YET!

So once Aver took her nap, I drove my sewing machine hard for the next 3 hours or more...
And I managed to get two sling bags and two pouches out... enough for whoever we are meeting (I still owe a few others their gifts...)

Then off we went for dinner and I was happy that I can relax for the rest of the remaining days of 2008... but...

27 December there is a little boy who turned two and I was all mixed up in dates and day, thought that it was on Sunday. So I thought to myself: I can rest for two days before I start the machine! So we went out to enjoy Christmas at a big and crowded shopping mall. I still had Friday to rest and I can sew on Saturday.

OOOoooooppppps... big mistake... the birthday is on Saturday and I have to sew his present on Friday. And since Aver's childcare is closed till the new year is here, I was not able to get my machine to start working till night is here.

In the afternoon, I started to pack the toys and books to allow greater organisation for a little homeschooling with Aver. (there is photos but I am not loading them now because the camera is quite a few steps away from me now and I am tired!!!)

Once I tackled the massive collection of books and the small selection of toys, I was already too tired to do anything.

But I still have a present to make for a little guy.

When night came and carried Aver into dreamland, I sewed a pair of pants (but I goofed up quite a bit so it took me 3 hours to get it done... an expert will be able to do it in half and hour!) And there was suppose to be a bag to put the pants in... but I had to make the bag the next morning as I was already too beat to be able to handle my sewing machine.

I read on a blog of a mum who sewed when she was tired and she ran her finger in to the foot of the sewing machine and sewed her finger ... I fear for my own safety too as I know that I was already very tired.

So I was busy from the last time I post till now and am too tired to go get my cameras to upload any photos. I want to rest... tomorrow... I have to return to school for meeting (why... I do not know ... my working scheme do not require me to go for meetings....)

Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and also a rested weekend.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is coming...

and my christmas presents for my friends, their kids, Aver's childcare teachers are not at all done. I have YET TO START on them!!!

Don't ask me why? Seems like I have this problem of proscratination or simply I still have not found something that is suitable for them yet.

Anyway... in preparation for christmas, I wanted the children to have a go at making christmas cookies but I fear the need to clean up later. Yesterday, I plucked up the courage and we had a cookie making sesssion (just that it was not in the christmas theme.)

The princesses selecting from my stash of cookie cutters the ones that they want to use.

Then, we all started the cookie cutting and cookie stamping.

The dough

Helping Aver with her cookie cutting.

Aver showing her flour-ed finger.

Superpig's turn...

They are waiting patiently for the oven to heat up.

All baked and waiting to be cooled and eaten.

The last bit of the dough... and this is what I created.

Let see if I can squeeze in a christmas cookie making session tomorrow night.

Friday, December 19, 2008

19 December 2008

Something new for the Christmas to adorn our hands...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

16 December 2009

It is Aver's birthday and Superpig had taken the day off so we went off to the zoo.
There is the new children's playground in the zoo and we decided to let the gals go enjoy themselves.
Before we set off to the zoo, it was time to open the birthday presents.

Thank you for the gifts.

We went to the new children's playground in the zoo with the intention of letting the gals enjoy the waterplay there.
They did, eventhough there were the dark clouds hovering above.

After a wet and fun afternoon in the zoo, we went to the airport because I don't want to waste the rest of the day.

There were crayon rubbings...

Mickey Mouse and friends to be merry with... Indoor playground to explore...

There is dinner at Swensons and a free slice of ice cream cake for the birthday girl...

(We ran into Superpig's cousins and we ate dinner together.)

Which Ash got to finish it up.

Then, there was a gingerbread house which has candies inside.

Ash and her cousins got to go in and fill up a tumbler with candies for free... (because we did some shopping there and were given two tickets)
By the time we end the day, we were all extremely tired but happy.

Monday, December 15, 2008

13, 14 and 15 December 2008

I missed the weekend again and that is because it was my princesses birthday celebration.

On Saturday, I was busy making the cupcakes and marinated the chicken for Sunday's birthday barbecue.
On Sunday, I spent the morning baking the sponge cake and icing the cupcakes. By noon time, the rain did not seems to stop and we had to find an alternative to the barbecue.
I tried to "write" their names on the cupcakes but it is not very visible here and I totally do not know why I had my camera hanging off my neck but I did not take much photos. (Weird...) As I mentioned we had to cancel barbecue and have a indoor celebration at my mother-in-law's place, so I spent the remaining afternoon, grilling these yakitori sticks and cooking the prawns and squids.

My birthday princess number 1, Ash... She turned 7 yesterday.
My birthday princess number 2, Aver... she will turn 2 tomorrow.

Since their birthdays are two days apart, we decided to celebrate together (unlike last year). Well, the little one will not know the difference untill she is much older. So we can have this arrangement for a few more years.

As this year, Ash requested for her school friends to be invited, we allowed that. She gave out the invitations but only 4 responded and came. The house was running full of children, the 4 classmates and a few siblings of theirs, Ash and Aver's cousins, our friends kids... and there were adults ... and I do not have pictures to show as I did not take many... (what had gotton into me?)

But I do have these two... a newest friend (ok... not so new actually ... a year plus coming to two liao) and an oldest friend. Honeymeow (the lady on the right) was given specific instructions not to come to he venue looking pretty and no fake eyelashes too as I will be very jealous... but a beauty without purposely made up is still a beauty.

As for my oldest friend, she gets invited to most of my celebrations. She cannot run away from them. Still love her to bits despite the fact that we hardly talk over the years... busy busy busy... and why would a single lady want to spent her time talking to a mother (boring!)

I will stop rambling for now... the next post will the a photo slide of the day's event.

Friday, December 12, 2008

12 December 2008

Today's post is still on homemade christmas tree ornaments.
Today, I feature Ash's work.

It was kind of hard work for her as she does not have the patience to do any sewing.
Hence, she did not manage to do many.
Still, whatever that she had done, were nice enough.
(She cut out the felt pieces and sewn on the beads while I do the rest.)

How about you? Do you do your own christmas ornaments?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

11 December 2008

Own made christmas tree ornaments...
Today, I will show Aver's handiwork.

How's your preparation for the Christmas?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lucia Buns

If you have been to Ikea (Singapore) recently, you will have seen the staff setting up baking counters in the showroom.
Aver tasted the Lucia Buns and fell in love with it. Why we know she likes it? After finishing a little portion of it, she kept asking for more. On top of that, when we return two days later for an item refund, she pointed into the showroom and demanded for bread.

There were also recipe sheets given out to customers and Superpig got one for me.

I tried the Ikea's recipe and totally failed ... that was last night ... and I went to bed feeling angry with myself.

This morning, I did a search online and found a simple enough recipe and tried it... it worked!!!
Yippeeee yeh yeh yeh...
(But I still need to twit the temperature of my oven so the buns doesn't look burnt.)

I did not use saffron, which is actually the main item in this bun, as cheapo Superpig refused to spend S$9 for a small bush of saffron. (Actually, I will not spend that money too... it is incredibly expensive!) He bought mixed spices for me instead and so I used that ... and it still taste as NICE!

Yippeee yipeee yeh yeh!!!

The dough separated into balls waiting for to be shaped.

The shaped doughs waiting to rise... (I need to add a little more yeast to let it rise more so that it will be fluffier.)

In the oven....

The end result.... a little too burnt looking.

The inside of the bun... Yummy...

Aver have not tasted this batch yet so I do not know whether she will like it. However, Ash tasted and she said she likes it.