Monday, December 01, 2008


It is finally the month of December... the last month of 2008... a super hectic month in our household too.

There are three birthdays to celebrate and a Christmas to enjoy too.

With the economic downtown and the gloominess of an oncoming recession, we have to really tie our pockets up. I have and is rather determined to stop buying fabric for the moment till all, if not most, of my fabric stash is used up. I will try to craft around whatever resources I have before I hit the craft stores again.

Also with such unstable economy at the moment, Christmas spirit in this little country seems kind of low. We were at the mall on Saturday and it was kind of quiet with little christms atmosphere. So I decided to do a post a day in the theme of Christmas till the end of the month.

Today's post...
Hanging Christmas Trees

When you ran out of space on the ground, simply hang them up. You can also be sure that tiny hands will not try to reach out for the lights and the ornaments. However, you may have to find another innovative way to place your presents.

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Suzanne said...

Trying to send Christmas spirit around. I am like your trying to do more posts on the christmas themes so to keep the spirit alive. Our shops have been quiter than usual, but our govt is about to give some money to families in need this Christmas, so I think a spending spree will not be too far away for some.
I too need to use my paper stash before I buy anymore.
Lets keep the Christmas spirit alive.