Friday, November 28, 2008


I cannot think of a title for this post.

Basically, life is back to normal as Aver is cleared by the Doc. She is fine to return to school and in time for the school concert today.

I packed my EOS and my video camera, both my daughters into the car and we ventured out to find the concert venue in the midst of the concrete forest. I must say that I did not get to see the forest out there but we waddled through the tunnels below. For someone who has a problem with directions, I was totally in a state of lost after I parked the car and boarded the MRT (the carpark fees at the concert venue are exorbidant!)

Today, I also realised that I miss my EOS very much, I miss trying to explore the world through the lens. I realised that it has become a stranger to me.

As for the concert, I believed both the teachers and the children had put in a lot of hardwork. Watching the children (of special needs) up on stage, I realised that God have provided me with a lot and have blessed us with a lot too and why should I even feel upset. Hence, the biggest outcome of this concert is ... I have learnt that I am blessed and I should go bless others.

As for Aver's performance onstage... well, she is only 23 months and I am impressed that she is not afraid at all. She gave it her best.

I will now "bore" you with 6 minutes of her cuteness. (Please forgive the shakiness, the lady infront with her face in the camera, the sudden loss of Aver... no videography was allowed as there was professional videographer ... I sneakily took the video for Superpig. He had to work.)

(edited to add: Aver's childcare has both the mainstream children and also curriculum for special needs children. Aver is in the mainstream ... I realised that after reading this post, there may be an misunderstanding.)


Ahfat said...

oh..... Aver is only 23mths.... I always thought that she is older than my girl. She looks so mature for her age and so well behave.

about Jaeden said...

Averlyn is so cute..think she's the best dancer among all...and thank God she has recovered..the Lord has answered your prayers...

Arkerchi said...

thank u ladies. She is a blessing from the Lord and has been putting her best forward.