Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What had been happening...

Have not been in the mood for blogging or crafting for almost two weeks or more. I cannot put my finger into it and explain why. I know that it is not due to bad mood as my mood has been quite okay. It could be due to just plain physical tiredness.

So I take this opportunity to do an update while the baby is sleeping due to her flu... (I am dow with it too.)

First up... a visit to a nursing home with the pupils a few weeks back.
After the examinations, the level coordinated a visit to a nursing home and SPCA, for the pupils. My adopted class was assigned to go to a nursing home and I was scared stiff. Scared not due to what I will see (sometimes, I feel that it can be a bit depressing) but more of how the pupils will behave. I must say that this particular group of pupils are rather challenging...

However, despite their foul mouths and nasty comments made by them while the lady in charge was explaining the workings of the nursing home, when the children saw the residents, there was a 180 degree change in their attitude. I saw some of the boys transformed and became mild tempered and going all sweet with the residents. But when the residents returned back to their rooms, the boys are back to their usual nonsense.

Next, there was a desperate need to get our car washed as it was so dirty that Ash also complained about it. So, I decided to that the whole family can get involved in the washing.

To reward the princesses for their hard work, they had bubble time!

And there was some interesting dinner on one very bored evening.

There... that should be all for now... and I am already tired.


Our Story said...

pretty cat :)


Arkerchi said...

thanks, YL. I finally used the mould and that kept my dh's mouth shut for awhile :)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post arkechi. I love the photos of the two beautiful ones joining in with the car cleaning and what better reward that bubble time?