Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i have to learn never to trust people

Again and again I can never learn this hard lesson. I always tell myself that I have to give everyone the benefit of te doubt. Be nice to the people and they will in turn be nice to you.

Whatever it is, I always tell myself I cannot be mean to the people around me or the people I work with. However, whenever I do that somehow I am always the one that get hurt.

Like the most recent incident... thought I have been a good colleague and "friend" to the IT trainer in the school. He is not an experienced trainer and he always have problems with his lessons. I alwyas helped him by giving him advices and all. I even helped him come up with the notes for his lesson.

In the end, when questioned by the HOD, he lied about his work ethic and also dare to try to frame me. Thank goodness, I have had a good working relations with the HOD and we are friends in private. So she knows what kind of person I am and what kind of worker I am.

After knowing that I have to be in charge of them... two trainers and the technical assistant, he was not happy. Cos' he had always thought that he was the person in-charge of that portion of the department. So he was not the least happy and started to spread rumors about me in the staffroom.

Sad to say, not everyone know me well enough. So much so that i do feel a bit of the coldness in the staffroom nowadays. The receptionist who had been around of donkeys years had had always been very nice and friendly towards me... now she turn a cold shoulder on me.. why? cos of the rumours that that man had spreaded

I am upset, of course... and angry but at least he is gone and I will not have to work with him anymore. As for those people that decided to believe that gossip monger... well, I cannot waste my time to be bothered about them. I did not do anything wrong and had been performing my duties and job well.

If they want to talk behind my back... go ahead. If they want to be cold and distance... so be it. I am happy being me and will not change to suit them or so that they can like me.