Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some stuffs that make me feel better

Today's post is about what are the stuffs that can help perk me up a little...
1) Good Food
Sashimi.... lots of it will perk me up.

Good western food at Miss Clarity... Superpig brought me there for lunch (good and cheap... hint hint... Superpig!)

Food with lots of cheese and potato...
(I baked this yesterday. My first try and it's not bad.)
2) Sunsets
I took these when I drove to pick up Superpig from work.

3) Beautiful Flowers Blooming

4)Bicycles rides

5) Retail therapy ... new helmets for our bicycle rides

(Cannot have a lot of this... got to watch our expenses closely now.)

7) My hero carrying my current favourite bag.

8) My sleeping princesses

This is what I see every afternoon when I turn into our carpark... two soundly sleeping princesses.

9) My princesses and their nonsense.

Ash decided that she needed to cut part of her fringe by herself.

I blew my top and had to trimmed the rest of her fringe to matched it

I was furious... very very furious and wanted to scold her more but after seeing her, I started to laugh.

Aver and her numerous funny acts.

10) Taking photographs...
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Friday, August 29, 2008

A simple and short post

Teacher's Day celebration is today...

I finished all the bags needed to be given to all the teachers... phew!

I worked very hard ... in my opinon and I had not taken a photo of all the bags I made.

Next project will be for the up and coming Children's Day in a month's time.

Head is churning now...

And due to the change in the my daily schedule, I started to feel a meltdown recently.

I am okay really... just suddenly felt overwhelmed.

It takes a lot of getting use to the adjustments... I CAN DO IT!

Well, at least I can safely say that the girls seems happier as they see Mummy more.

Aver adapted well to childcare and also learnt quite a few new tricks.

Ash is happy been ferried around by me.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A note to all my blog friends...

Dear all,

Thank you for constantly checking back here for updates.

Dear friends, please forgive me for not updating for the past week as I had been trying to get use to the new routines and the extra tasks.

Thank you also for the encouraging comments as it helps to spur me on everyday. Eventhoug I do not post on the blog, I do come in everyday to browse through my own blog as I like to see the photos of my kiddos up there. I also blog hop when I have the time and it helps in a little of the destressing.

Suzanne, thank you for awarding the numerous blog awards. I am really honoured. Once I get enough time on my hands, I will go round to the awards...

So I am will sign off for now and hope to be back real soon (Hopefully ... tonight).

Wishing everyone out there a happy weekend.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Aver's First Day at Childcare - 14 August 2008

Aver started daycare today.

The night before she suddenly developed high fever for no reason and I thought we may have to post pone her first day. However, with a dose of fever medication in the night and constant prayers, she woke up with no trace of a fever. She was perfectly fine except for the puffy eyes and some rashes on her shoulder.

Once she had on her uniform, she was all ready to go and even insisted on carrying her own bag.
In her arms, she carried her rabbit which we bought specially for daycare.

Initially, she was a little apprehensive and did not really want to be in the circle with the rest of the children. However, she was observing the teachers and children singing away.
Then, a girl came and invited her to join the group. With a little coaxing from me, Aver held her hand and went to join in the fun.

After singing and reading, they went outdoors to play. I stood at a distance and observed her. She seemed to be getting along well and started to warm up to her teachers... Teacher Janet and Teacher Akimi (the lady in picture is Teacher Akimi and she teaches Japanese language).

Here she is playing ball with Teacher Janet.
Seeing her getting warmed up, I decided that I should not hover around as it might hinder her ability to really get use to school. I left her with her teachers and went to the nearby mall for breakfast.

When I returned, everyone was telling me that she behaved herself and did not cry at all. I was really happy to hear that. She is getting along really well.

As I reach her class, she was getting ready for her shower and she was really cooperative. She did not fuss when she was showered, being dried or getting dressed.

As we were about to leave, I realised her rabbit was missing. She went searching the classroom for it and suddenly she kept insisting on entering the bathroom. Her teachers and I thought she wanted to play with water so we tried to pull her away from the bathroom... but she insisted in going in. And to our surprise, she went in to get her rabbit. Her classmates brought rabbit into the bathroom to play with it and in the end the little fellow had a shower too. It was wet ... ha ha ha... and Aver went," ooohhhhh..."

On the way home, she fell asleep in the car. She must really had enjoyed herself and really tired herself out.

Here is her wet rabbit...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Totey bag...

I finally managed to get my hands on my sewing machine again!
Oh boy... I cannot tell you how delighted to be re-acquainted with it again.
Because I was (and still am ... which will heal in Jesus' name) suffering from a tooth infection, I did not go out of the house on Saturday.

Plus, I felt miserable because I could not eat anything solid... had been on a liquid diet and was super frustrated, so I decided that I need something to distract myself.

From these...

To this...

And I am making a lot more in for Teachers' Day... (There are like about 9 for Ash's teachers and a few more for Aver's soon-to-be teachers)

Superpig liked it too so he willingly went Ikea to buy more fabric.

Thank you, Superpig.

Anyone interested to order one from me?

Hope all is well for my friends out there.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's Sports Day!

Ash had her Primary One Sports Day on Friday (08 August 2008... a significant day - Olympics at Beijing 2008)
Superpig took the morning off work to join in the fun.
Although it may not be as spectacular as the Olympics, it is still hard work by the teachers and great fun for the kiddos.

Waiting to enter the arena

A march pass

"Where is my sister?" "Yeah... where is your sister?"
"I'm here! I'm in the yellow house."

"It's our turn."

"Thank you, Mrs Poey."
Comparing the medals
"I did it, Mummy."
A champion shot with Mummy at the Olympics.
She fell upon reaching the last hop but she picked herself up and ran back to her group. But her "hourse" came in first in the class and she was happy. Good effort little ones.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


My mum decided to ditch babysitting for us.
Yup... she is bored and itching to go back to work (she may be seventy but she prefers to work.)
Today, I went to the childcare that we had in mind previously to register.
I am glad that there is an available place for Aver and she will start on the 14th this month.
That will be next week!
And here she is wearing her uniform. Kind of cute, right? It is a little too long which needs some alteration.
This is not just one change because come this change other arrangements have to change too.
First, I will be the chauffeur... I will have to ferry the kids to and fro school.
Second, Ash will no longer be taking the school bus (Yippeee... a some of the older girls in the bus are not very nice.)
Third, I will have more things on my shoulders to carry.
Fourth, I will be taking up Japanese lessons ... because Aver's childcare has Japanese lessons too as they have Japanese pupils. (Well, it is a good motivation for me to get started on the lessons... I had always wanted to anyway.)
Fifth, Aver has to start to respect other people and learn to be socialise properly.
Sixth, Aver has to learn to eat more variety of solid food (which can prove to be difficult as she only have 8 teeth at the moment.)
Seventh, I better learn to drive from one place to another without getting lost!
I must say, initially when I heard my mother's decision I was furious and upset. I refused to talk to her for the whole evening and was crying myself to sleep as I did not know what to do. The only thing I knew to do was to lean on God and prayed. Now, I feel calmer.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Our weekend

Oh... I am getting to love the weekends more and more as I can have the time with my princesses and my superhero. Although, it is still difficult to leave the house for work but I learn to look forward to time with them.

Saturday... Hortpark, Henderson Waves and a nice fulfilling dinner at a Japanese restuarant.

I mentioned in earlier post that Superpig had to organise for an outing for his department and the day finally came.

We begged my mother to babysit the princesses while we went out into the sun.

There was a Malay wedding taking place there and I love the colours injected in the wedding. Seriously, I think they are one race that carry colours very well.

Then, there were flowers to take. Eventhough I told Superpig to go ahead without me and allow me to take these photos but they walked kind of too fast. So I did not really take a lot.

After the park, we tracked up the forest trail to reach Henderson Waves...

Lastly, we ended at the Japanese restuarant for a very filling Japanese buffet. I enjoyed my dinner as I ate mainly my favourite, sashimi.

My favourite picture will be this one... I took my own reflection through Superpig's sunglasses.

As for Sunday...

Well, we did nothing much as Superpig had to stay home to run some tests with regard to his work. However, we did get somethings new in the hope that we can help ourselves increase our exercise level.

As for crafting... I did sew a nice little bag which I will talk about it in the next post.

Lastly... hope everyone has a nice week ahead.

I am going to plan some crafting in my very limited time.