Friday, August 22, 2008

A note to all my blog friends...

Dear all,

Thank you for constantly checking back here for updates.

Dear friends, please forgive me for not updating for the past week as I had been trying to get use to the new routines and the extra tasks.

Thank you also for the encouraging comments as it helps to spur me on everyday. Eventhoug I do not post on the blog, I do come in everyday to browse through my own blog as I like to see the photos of my kiddos up there. I also blog hop when I have the time and it helps in a little of the destressing.

Suzanne, thank you for awarding the numerous blog awards. I am really honoured. Once I get enough time on my hands, I will go round to the awards...

So I am will sign off for now and hope to be back real soon (Hopefully ... tonight).

Wishing everyone out there a happy weekend.


Anonymous said...

No need to apologise :-) We all understand that life is busy and it's sometimes difficult to devote time to blogging too...

Look forward to seeing you again soon!


Suzanne said...

Like Carol said Wen, you dont need to apologise. Life sometimes is hetic with a family and work and you need to do what is the best for you.

Tine said...

No need to apologise! We will all be here when you return to blogland!