Monday, October 27, 2008

Long Weekend

It's Deevapali ... Festival of Lights for our Indian friends. So we have a long weekend and it made it kind of difficult not to want to do something fun. However, Ash's examination is not over. She still has Mathematics on Wednesday.

Still, we decided to let her have a break. So Saturday and Sunday, we went shopping... (enjoyable but not kind to our pockets) Still, I like to thank Superpig for buying some stuffs for me... I will take it as my gift for our wedding anniversary.

This morning ... we went to the beach and set up tent!
It had been a long time since we set up our tent and have a picnic out at the beach already and I thought it was a good way to spend the morning. However, we sort of lost our tent... we could not find it in our house and we could not remember where it went. We went to bed last night feeling kind of sad and disappointed.

This morning... I woke up and started searching again but found nothing. Woke Superpig up and asked him to call his mother's maid to ask whether it was there in their storeroom... YES! YES! YES!

So we started to get ready... showered, packed the toys and things that we need and off we go to collect the tent then to the beach!

Set up the tent... and there were already packed full of tents along the coast...
Superpig and Ash went to get breakfast from MacDonald's ...
While they were away, Aver kept going to the entrance of the tent and called out for them...
"Jie Jie!"

Plus, she also greeted almost everyone who walked past with a friendly "hello".

After breakfast, Superpig entertained Aver.

Ash read her book while I ate mine breakfast.

Once the table was cleared, Ash had to do a little revision for her Mathematics...

Well, I find that it will be less stressful to do it out where the sea breeze blew and the birds sang...

After she was done with the revision, it was BUBBLE TIME!!!

Then it was lunch... Superpig brought the girls to wash up and bought lunch.

I waited in the tent and did a little of my crocheting. I am quite proud of this particular project.
In addition, the yarn and the pattern was what Superpig had allowed me to buy the day before.
Love him to bits...

Actually, we planned for Ash to do a little rollerblading but the rain clouds started to gather and hence we packed up. In about 5 minutes after we drove out of the carpark, it started to rain!

Although we had to end the picnic early die to rain, it did not dampen our day.

Lovely day!

Hope your weekend was well too.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Recipe Cards

I made these cards for Superpig's colleague who was transferred to another department earlier in July and had not managed to post it here.

I had gotten a recipes (with permission) from a very talented lady who cooks mouthwatering dishes and prepares beautiful bentos.

And I had promised her that I will show her the end result and so here they are.

There were so many that I wanted to do but I had to select those that does not involve any carbohydrates (as his colleague is on diet).

I tried to keep the layouts simple as I do not want the embellishments to overshadow the wonderful dishes.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our Sunday Afternoon

I have been bugging Superpig for some outdoor activities ... I was getting a little tired of the urban forest and need to get out to nature. Saturday evening, we went to the beach to roller blade and a stroll. Today, we went in search of caterpillars and also bottle tree.

We went to the hydrophonic farm and purchased two caterpillar kits. It thrilled me ... I love butterflies and I want to take this opportunity to teach Ash the life cycle of a butterfly.

Then we went in search of the famous Bottle Tree Village... I remembered seeing somewhere that this park or village is a piece of vast carpet grass land with quite a number of bottle trees...

NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! I came out of the place very very disappointed. I do not know how the place could have given such a FAR FROM TRUTH image of itself. At the entrance of the village is ONE bottle tree and TWO grass tree... that was all. The rest are restuarants and even the prices of the food there is EXPENSIVE.

Sorry... not the least impress with this place. I rather go to Sembawang Park next to it ... it definitely wins hands down!

Then we went to Seletar Camp ... it will soon go down into our history books. The old colonial housing which had been for the generals in the past has been opened up for private housing rentals. But the government had decided to redevelop this area... so I guess these colonial houses will be gone. Hence, I wanted to go take pictures of this place before it is gone.

Blogger is not allowing me to upload the pictures... will do it the next time.
Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Blog Giveaway...

Yeah... I am having another blog giveaway.

This is my second time but I will hold it over at my crafting blog as it is to celebrate that there were over 2500 hits since the start of it.

So if you are interested in this little crochet flower hairpin just hop over to Wencrafting to leave a little comment.

One of the princesses will pick out 5 blog readers on Monday, 20 October.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Yup... that is me!
It seems like I am a magnet for trouble.
Despite trying hard to do the right thing, I ended up doing the wrong one.
(I actually wanted to explained what appened but then I feel that no matter how much explaining I am going to do, it will only sound whiny and even more STUPID!)

Why can't things just go a little right for me?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sewn again...

I managed to spent about 2 hours for sewing yesterday.
See what I had sewn this time round HERE.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Playing with Paints

It had been a long time since I see paints in this house. I hate to clean up the mess after the fun... plus, I am kind of afraid that Aver will digest the paint or create a mess so big that I will blow my top.

However, it is unfair for the kids not to have a little fun. So this evening, I pull out the finger paints.

But before that, I had the two girls sitting together and each reading their own books while I prepared dinner.

Once Ash had her dinner and I had managed to set up the paints, the girls started their fun.

What are these? The stub of the vegetables that I cooked for dinner...

And so they went stamping away... (a little too much paint though).

End results... (what can I use a old bicycle frame for?)

Ash was happy just to do something other than studying.
Aver had fun and loved the activity that she refused to let me keep the paints.

Next time dears... next time.... I promise.
This particular one is very precious... it looks like a smiley.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

More sewing going around here...

One of the nights, I was sitting in front of my laptop doing my usual bloghopping and this particular conversation took place between Superpig and myself.

Superpig: What are you doing?

Me: Blog hopping... (sounding kinda bored... and it is not due to the blogs I was reading. They are filled with interesting things and ideas.)

Superpig: You look bored.

Me: Am I? (Looking kind of wide eyes.)

Superig: Yup... you look bored.

Me (after pondering on what he said...): Yeah... you are right. I am bored. But I am reading all these interesting blogs, why should I be bored?

Superpig (shrugged his shoulders): Do you know that you cannot be bored? Once you are bored, you will start to sink (meaning sinking into the dark dark area...)?

Me: Is it? Is that how it has been? But I do have quite a bit of work to be done... but those are work and I now I don't want to work. I want to do something fun... You are right, I am bored.

Superpig: Well, you should start another project then before you sink too far.

There ... he said it ... to start another project and so I started to look for some inspiration in the wonder world of the net.

And I am totally grateful to him for pointing out what can trigger my bout of depression. So now I am more aware.

So an update on the what I had sewn can be found in WENCRAFTING.