Monday, October 27, 2008

Long Weekend

It's Deevapali ... Festival of Lights for our Indian friends. So we have a long weekend and it made it kind of difficult not to want to do something fun. However, Ash's examination is not over. She still has Mathematics on Wednesday.

Still, we decided to let her have a break. So Saturday and Sunday, we went shopping... (enjoyable but not kind to our pockets) Still, I like to thank Superpig for buying some stuffs for me... I will take it as my gift for our wedding anniversary.

This morning ... we went to the beach and set up tent!
It had been a long time since we set up our tent and have a picnic out at the beach already and I thought it was a good way to spend the morning. However, we sort of lost our tent... we could not find it in our house and we could not remember where it went. We went to bed last night feeling kind of sad and disappointed.

This morning... I woke up and started searching again but found nothing. Woke Superpig up and asked him to call his mother's maid to ask whether it was there in their storeroom... YES! YES! YES!

So we started to get ready... showered, packed the toys and things that we need and off we go to collect the tent then to the beach!

Set up the tent... and there were already packed full of tents along the coast...
Superpig and Ash went to get breakfast from MacDonald's ...
While they were away, Aver kept going to the entrance of the tent and called out for them...
"Jie Jie!"

Plus, she also greeted almost everyone who walked past with a friendly "hello".

After breakfast, Superpig entertained Aver.

Ash read her book while I ate mine breakfast.

Once the table was cleared, Ash had to do a little revision for her Mathematics...

Well, I find that it will be less stressful to do it out where the sea breeze blew and the birds sang...

After she was done with the revision, it was BUBBLE TIME!!!

Then it was lunch... Superpig brought the girls to wash up and bought lunch.

I waited in the tent and did a little of my crocheting. I am quite proud of this particular project.
In addition, the yarn and the pattern was what Superpig had allowed me to buy the day before.
Love him to bits...

Actually, we planned for Ash to do a little rollerblading but the rain clouds started to gather and hence we packed up. In about 5 minutes after we drove out of the carpark, it started to rain!

Although we had to end the picnic early die to rain, it did not dampen our day.

Lovely day!

Hope your weekend was well too.

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Suzanne said...

It looks like you had a lovely weekend Wen. Your crochet is coming along beautifully.
Have a good week.