Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Journey to A New Home

It has been roughly a week after we had signed on the dotted line at HDB office to sell our current place and to buy the other one.

After that day, everything seems to be going on fast forward. The time we have on hand to get the renovation details finalised is in less than a week. The time we have on hand to get our stuffs packed up is five weeks. Although it five weeks seems a long time, it is actually not as I still have to work daily and there is the need to prepare Ash for her upcoming exams. I only have the weekends to work on the packing or late at night...

First up... I started packing my Precious Thots Figurines and that took me a total of 3 days (over 2 weeks). Yesterday, all but three figurines went into their respective boxes.

These are 2/3 of the figurines left over from last week's packing.

A whole day of being confined at home to do the packing. (Due to lack of time on my hand, I have to be under house arrest!)

The figurines in their respective boxes ... almost done.

DONE!!! The cabinets sit lonely and empty now.
Today's job is to put all these into the mover's boxes.