Monday, July 20, 2009

My Simple Attempt at Bento-ing

Since I had many of the bento-ing stuffs, I really have to start somewhere.

So I tried simple first.

Instead of the usual bowl, I put the princesses' dinner in bento boxes.

Then I started out with the carrots letterings.

Ash's bento have a Hello Kitty Seaweed cut-out and the Taiwan Sausages in crab-like shape.
But you can see for yourself that the seaweed and the sausagese did not come out as it was planned.

Although the bentos were far from the professional ones, the princesses liked their bentos.
Aver kept insisting on having carrots and also insisted that it must be in her name!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I knitted....

this little bag.

I called it the "bobble bag".
This is the first try, so it is kind of shallow.
It has been claimed by Ash, so it's hers now.
It will ome in handy in a week's time when we are to attnd a wedding.
It is big enough for her water bootle, her glasses case and a book.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random Post Again...

Yes, I seemed to be away longer than usual.
That is becuase I have been spending my nights crocheting. I have five bags to complete but since school started, my body and mind sort of shut down at 11 p.m. every night. There were so many nights that I dozed off on the sofa, TV drama going on and my crochet hook in between a stitch.

Furthermore, Aver fell sick AGAIN!!! She came home with fever and then ulcers in the mouth. She got the dreadful HFMD, minus the blisters on her hands and feet. So she has been quarantined for the sixth day now (So am I...).

Yesterday, Ash fell ill too. She had a terrible fever and a sore throat. Due to H1N1 virus spreading here, she has been given 3 days medical leave. So today, all the girls are at home. And I have been away from school for almost a week. I am praying to Ash can return to school on Friday so that I can return to work ... work is piling up.

So being home all these while kind of drive me nuts... I facebook-ed, I blog hopped, I forum ran and I youtubed.

This was what I found... the end result is so cool.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Some mundane ongoing at home...

The holidays are over.
School starts.
Ash is back in school.
I am back in school.
Aver misses Ash the moment Ash steps out of the car.
On Monday, Aver was kind of surprised that Ash was in uniform.
"Jie jie, going school?" she asked, in a whine.
When Ash was about to get out of the car, Aver whined, "Hug and kiss, jie jie. Hug and kiss first."
Although the two have their share of screaming and shouting at each other, they also have the great love of each other.
It warms my heart when they seek each other in sisterly love.

I started a little of homeschooling for Aver.
Since she doesn't want to take her nap when she comes home in the afternoon, I used that time to do a little homeschooling.
This week is English, the theme is "My family", with focus on the letter 'a'.
So she started learning the sound 'a' and coloured in the letter 'a'.
It is not serious homeschooling... just a little this and that, incorporating the usual stuff and a little right brain training.
(Look at the fingers... it has been getting worse and it really pain all our hearts.)
Despite the many leisons on her legs and her infected fingers, she smiles brightly most of the time.
She is a brave girl and let's continue to pray for her complete healing.