Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Some mundane ongoing at home...

The holidays are over.
School starts.
Ash is back in school.
I am back in school.
Aver misses Ash the moment Ash steps out of the car.
On Monday, Aver was kind of surprised that Ash was in uniform.
"Jie jie, going school?" she asked, in a whine.
When Ash was about to get out of the car, Aver whined, "Hug and kiss, jie jie. Hug and kiss first."
Although the two have their share of screaming and shouting at each other, they also have the great love of each other.
It warms my heart when they seek each other in sisterly love.

I started a little of homeschooling for Aver.
Since she doesn't want to take her nap when she comes home in the afternoon, I used that time to do a little homeschooling.
This week is English, the theme is "My family", with focus on the letter 'a'.
So she started learning the sound 'a' and coloured in the letter 'a'.
It is not serious homeschooling... just a little this and that, incorporating the usual stuff and a little right brain training.
(Look at the fingers... it has been getting worse and it really pain all our hearts.)
Despite the many leisons on her legs and her infected fingers, she smiles brightly most of the time.
She is a brave girl and let's continue to pray for her complete healing.


Ahfat said...

Didn't know that her fingers are so serious, hope that she gets well soon.

Anonymous said...

Let God be In Charge!Lovely Aver will be Blessed and healed!alf

shoppingmum said...

You have 2 lovely girls! And I took a peep at your hobby blog, and I really like your work. :)
BTW, is her fingers hurt? I mean are the leisons painful to her?

Arkerchi said...

Thanks for stopping by, shoppingmum :)
Her fingers do hurt so she refuses to wash her hands or put her medication on it.