Monday, January 29, 2007

My life for the past week

I managed to survive the week alone with my two darlings. I must say that it can be rather hectic around the house.

Every morning, I have to wake up as early as 6.30, right after Averlyn's last feed, to have a quick shower and prepare the raw food needed for lunch and dinner. Once that is done, it will be getting Ashlyn out of bed so that I can give her a shower. Don't think it will be a good idea for Kenny to shower her anymore. After that, it is bathing time for Averlyn.

Before I give Averlyn her bath, I must first get Ashlyn's breakfast ready. After the bath, it will be feeding time for Averlyn while Ashlyn do her work.

Where is Kenny all this while? Sometimes, I allow him to sleep a little later. Sometimes, I get him to do the bathing for Averlyn while I give Ashlyn a shower.

The good thing is that I do not have to send Ashlyn to school. Kenny does that for me at 11 a.m. so that is one burden off my shoulders. During the 3 hours that Ashlyn is in school, I will be at home with Averlyn but she is one tough baby. She doesn't like to sleep in her playpen but preferred to be carried. So I will carry her in one arm while the other hand is typing away on my computer. No... I am not surfing the net, I am working at the same time.

At 2.15 p.m., I will pack Averlyn into the sling and make our way to Ashlyn's school to pick her up. Once home, we will have lunch and off Ashlyn goes to have a nap. This is the time where I will continue working and also continue carrying Averlyn.

My other digital scrapbooking projects

Here are the others that I had done.

Friday, January 12, 2007

I am still around

Have not beem blogginf for a long long time. That is because I had been quite caught up in my work, my pregnacy and my daughter.

Now, I have already given birth to my second daughter, Averlyn. She will be turning 4 weeks old tomorrow. Life with a newborn and a very active 5 year old can be quite hectic at home. I can only say that I am thankful that my mother is here for me while I am in confinement. However, on 16 Jan 2007, the day that marks the end of my confinement, it also marks the end of my mother's help. She will not be her 6 days 24 hours but has other plans. Of course, I cannot selfishly make her remain here to help me. She is a woman who needs to go out and work and roam around. Confining her to the house can reallt drive her nuts.

So from next week onwards, I have to learn to adapt and schedule everything to ensure that the household runs properly. I am not asking for perfection, which it almost impossible, but only wish that things get done and all.

At this very moment, I picked up another new hobby...Scrapbooking. I had always loved the way people had scrapbooked and had wanted to give it a try but looking at the massive equipments and the things needed, I really thought twice... actually many times. Anyway, Kenny had also commented that he will not support this hobby as the expenses will be high and the storeroom is overwhelmed by my craft things. So I just looked and admired other people's work.

Until I chanced upon a website, which was introduced be a mother on a forum. It brought me to the world of digital scrapbooking. Hey... the catch here is that it is digital and I do not have to buy anything to store up at home. Everything is stored in my computer. Since, I have got a new system for myself in the last few months, I can use it effectively for digital scrapbooking.

So I started on 10 Jan 2007 and I am totally hooked on it. I have done two layouts so far and I must say... they may not be fabulous but they still look nice enough. Take a look and see for yourself.