Saturday, September 29, 2007

Clearing the house

One of the projects listed in the previous posts was to clear up the clutter around the house.

I finally embarked on it the night before.

I started with the study room and found a few nice things for the upcoming Christmas.
Now, I wonder why I had not given them earlier?
Why were they kept aside?

Then I found a few treasures too.

A book that belonged to my father... it teaches conversational Malay.

Maybe just one day, I may embark on learning our official language.

Then a Carebear Sticker book that belong to Superpig.
Oh... I so love them.

A few books that I truly liked when I was a little kid.

My primary school hymnal... I wonder whether Ash will have the same hymnal when she goes to Primary One next year.

Oh... and my two diaries which bring me lots of pain when I read it. Ouch... I was so naive and childish.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Some completed projects

Had been rather disciplined so far so managed to complete a few projects.
So I am rather proud of myself.

First up... more snowskin mooncakes. This time round I made mango snowskin in Hello Kitty shape.

Next, hair band... I crocheted this one for Aver but it was too long hence it now belong to Ash. Doesn't Ash look like a princess when wears it?

And ... more leg warmers. I was not satisfied with the first pair as they kept coming off Aver's legs. What good are leg warmers when they cannot stay on long enough on the legs to keep them warm?

So here you have my two princesses giving their sweetest smiles to say good bye.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Melody Snowskin Mooncakes - 11 September 2007

I made my third batch of snowskin mooncakes.

This time I made green tea ones.

Gave a few to my brother's girlfriend and to my friend and left with four for Ash.

Superpig requested for more.

With his support, we went to buy more stuff for more mooncakes making.

Tonight will be another mooncake making night.

Do they look cute enough?

The recipe for snowskin mooncakes is here.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time Flies

Time flies past very quickly and it kinds of scare me a little.
I thought I had just given birth not long ago and now Aver is already coming to 9 months.
I thought I just put Ash into childcare and in a few more months she will be in Primary 1.

So in order to maintain a little control over time and life, I seriously need to have better time management and goal setting.

There are things to be completed and I am giving myself a strict dateline to do so.
I realised that I am so hooked up in the internet going through the many forums and blogs that time just fly by my face without me realising it.

Hence, I will be limiting my time on the internet reading blogs and forums to an hour a day. There will be no bargaining in this area.

Mondays - Cross stitching
Tuesday - Sewing
Wednesday - Scrapbooking
Thursday and Friday - I can choose any of the above to do or I can bake
Saturday and Sunday - Usually the day is so packed that I would not have any energy left for my crafts.

Now a few projects that I need to complete:
1. Snow skin mooncakes
2. Crochet leg warmers
3. Ash's quilt
4. Diaper bags

Okay, I have to be very strict with myself.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I so love butterflies

Whilst teaching in the previous school, I was handpicked to go for the annual Science Fair. In preparation of the fair, together with my colleague, we went to learn about butterflies. It was then that I fell in love with them.

So you will see more butterflies in the future.

Please leave a comment to let me know how you feel about them.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Another Sketch

Here's another sketch that I did.

Very simpler but it does lift my spirit up.

I have a fear for balloons. If one is to burst not too far away, I will scream in fear and continue to shake in fear. People around me are more horrified by my scream then the bursting of a balloon.

Whenever, a kind staff of Macdonalds come by smiling with a handful of balloons, coercing Ash to take one, you can see me violently shaking my head. She is accommodating enough not to take one most of the time but I cannot bear to see her downcast face all the time. Hence, I will reluctantly allow her to have one once in a blue moon. However, I will always reduce it to a pitiful pea size (okay...its bigger than a pea) so that it will not burst.

However, I cannot resist balloons that come in the shape of a heart. Somehow, I am drawn to them. My secret wish is to have many many heart shaped balloons and to let them go into the blue sky.

Maybe, it is to say...spread more love to people around us.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My Lousy Mood

I am glad that I am out of depression.
I am even grateful to a wonderful Superpig for his support and care.
I am truly thankful that God is watching over me everyday.

I still have my many down moods and that is why I am thankful that He is watching over.

Like today, I felt as if I am a failure.
I felt that I am a loser who is unable to achieve anything.
However, that is not true based on the projects I had accomplished so far.
But the mood just came.

So I had to distract myself.
Hence, I drew a picture on Photoshop.
It looks like a kiddy drawing but it did lift my spirit up a bit.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Weekend Fun Part 2 - HI-5 is in town

Went for the Hi-5 show last night with two princesses and Superpig.

For days, Ash had repeatedly talk about the show that she will be watching.
On Sunday itself, she kept reminding us that the show was at 7 pm.
After church, we went shopping around and she kept asking whether is it 7 pm.
She must be very excited over it.

She enjoyed herself there although she was too shy to jump around like the other kids.
She went home with a Hi-5 cushion. And the only reason why she got to have it was because Superpig has a fetish over cushions.

Aver also enjoyed herself during the show.
Before the show started, she went off to dreamy land but with 5 minutes into the show, she woke up.
That was her first time watching Hi-5...first time...she had not watched it on TV yet.
When they sang, she danced. (My poor aching arms...)

As for Superpig, he fell asleep in the second part of the show.
That was what he did the last year too.
So I think next time, I will not spend money on another ticket for him.
I highly recommend that he sits outside and take a nap while we girls go enjoy the show.
Oh... plus pay for all the things that we want to buy.

Weekend Fun - Snowskin Mooncakes

Due to my love for snowskin mooncakes and the prices for them are really sky high and considering the fact that I will also not bear to eat them hence will be thrown away, I decided to search for its recipe and do it myself.

I was not so eager at first but while surfing the web, I chanced upon a blog entry where she had Hello Kitty Snowskin Mooncakes and that motivated me.

Alas, the search for the Hello Kitty mooncake mould was not successful. However, on a forum a mother posted her version of the snowskin mooncake using cookie now there is no turning back.

Now, you be the judge and tell me what you think of them. Please feel free to leave your comments so that I know someone is reading.