Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A frustrating Start

Today do not seems to be going well.

First, I had little sleep as my daughter kept coughing through the night. I wonder when her cough will clear. No time to bring her go to the clinic,so can going give her cough medicine and the miracle medicication of PRAYER.

Second, came to school and I totally felt like an idiot. Those stupid colleagues of mine spoke of me, in front of me, treating me like a stupid idiot. Got so fed up, I called my husband and started to tell me what was happening. I raised my voice (not that I was picking a fight with my husband) but to let them I was around and they should SHUT THEIR TRAP!

Sorry for the language but seriously, they are doing things by themselves without letting the people in the level know. So people like me are left out and then they have the cheek to turn around and point an accusing finger at me.

So I do not need them to tell me what to do. I can do it by myself and really, I hope the pupils will be more up to it.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Just Finished My Project

What project do I need to do? Not that I am taking any course at the moment. I am finding all the relevant information for my pupils projects. So my husband asked me who is the one doing the project?

Well, I cannot help but to help these pupils. Unlike pupils from my previous school, these pupils are rather deprived. Most of them are from low income family and hence have no internet access so the chances of them getting the information are not that high. I did tell them to go to the library over the weekend to search for the necessary information. Yet again, not many of the parents are able to bring them to the library as they are working. So to prevent myself from getting all angry over the fact that they do not have the information, I help cover up my backside.

Call me "kiasu" but we are given five days to complete this project thingy and they are expected to present their final product during the open house. I do not have that much confidence.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself today. I spent the whole day at home with my family. Well, my daughter's music lesson has been changed to 6 p.m. so there was ample time in the day to do our craft work. (When I find the time to upload the pictures, you can see what she had done.)

Can you believe that my three years and five months old daughter helped me to mop the floor? Well, she did and she seemed to enjoy every second of it. So now I have a little helper. I can make it a weekly affair!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Something is very wrong with me

Like I mentioned in the title, there seems to be a problem with my body. For the last three days, I was nursing a terrible migraine. That is not the only thing that I am nursing. I am also nursing a terrible stomach. I seems to be constantly plagued by this stomach cramps for the last two day.

I thought the cramps were gastric cramps since I have this terrible habit of skipping my meals. However, it is not. I know that definitely because since I had these cramps, I have dilligently ate my meals eventhough I do not have the appetite for it.

Now I suspect is due to my gastric flu. I suffered from that over the Labour Day long weekend. It all started with my favourite food...CHILLI. I ate Loh Mee in the school canteen in Thursday and the vendor knows that I am truly and utterly in love with chilli and it has to be as spicy as it can be. So she dumped in two soup spoons of chilli paste (made of chilli padi). In the afternoon, when I returned home, I felt the trouble coming and chided myself for my foolidhness (by the way, this is not the first time). I ended up in the washroom quite a few times.

By that evening, I was bent on the double with spasm. It hurt so badly that I was rolling in bed and groaning in terrible pain. My husband and daughter had no choice but to leave me alone to nurse my pain because there was nothing they could do. I suffered in tremendous pain for about three hours and my husband decided that it is not getting any better and forced me to go to the doctor. I refused (stubborn... that's why).

He was more stubborn than me and my daughter was beside me patting me and reassuring me. In her words, it can be very reassuring and comforting. She said,"It's okay. Your tummy pain pain, is it? It's okay. Daddy will bring you go to the doctor. It's okay. Eat medicine and then pain will go away. Want to go to my Doctor Ong?" (Doctor Ong is her PD)

Finally, I relented because I think my daughter gets upset seeing me in pain. So they half dragged me to the clinic. I was too weak to walk on my own and not forgetting when the spasms came, I had to stop moving. It was that painful.

At the clinic, I was given a jab (OUCH!!!) and the spasm disappeared. I was under strict instruction to avoid spicy food. Sadly, the medication only lasted for one hour so by 11 p.m. I was again in pain. The pain remained for the rest of the night.

After that incident, I had stayed away from chilli and only started to take them recently in this week and I guess my tummy just refuse to accept the torture.

No chilli for me? What is life without chilli?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Its a tiring day

I have like five minutes before I have to step back into the class. I am super tired today for a few reasons.

The exams are over, so it is the time to start marking the papers. We had to rush out the science paper by these two days and it only ended yeaterday. We were all made to stay back after school to mark the papers but unfortunately, there were skivers among us and they insisted on returning home early and wanted to continue today during their free periods.

Sad to say, I do not agree with htem because I am the only one in the level with no free periods for today. So I took everything back home and marked till I dropped at about 1am.

Me, being me, is not the type of person who will fall asleep the moment my head touches the pillow, I ended up sleeping about half an hour later then 1 am.

So can anyone imgaine the fatigue I am feeling. I can feel the growing of a massive magraine and I have accidentiallyy thrown away my medicine. As usual a simple muddleheaded person like me, usually do not get things right.

So here I am trying to stay on till the end of the day and then will rush home and crash and bang into my beloved bed.

But now it is time to return to the 40 darlings in that room.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

It's Mother's Day

Hey... it's another reason for celebrating and conning my husband for a gift, so why not? So what did I get for this joyous occasion? A new handphone... the new limited edition black Motorola V3. Cool! I love it and will continue to until they come up with something new (and I hope it is another 2 years from now).

What did we do today or should I say for the two days, Saturday and Sunday. You see as a married woman, I will have to celebrate with my own mother and my mother-in-law. So, yesterday I celebrated Mother's Day with my in-laws. Since she was not feeling well and me being a cheapo person, I decided that I will cook for her. I thought I can impress her with my Pepsi Char Siew Chicken. So early in the morning, we (husband, daughter and myself) went to the market and bought all the things that we needed. I was all enthusiatic about the dinner and was totally preparing myself for praises.

After my daughter's music lesson, we went to my in-laws place and then I started to cook. Of course, her maid, being the person in-charge of the kitchen refused to come out of it and hand me over the spcae to me, I had to share the ktichen with her. Thank goodness.. cos' it took me an hour to cook that chicken thingy. The flame from the stove was relly small and I was almost at the verge of crying. Due to the fact that my brother-in-law had an appointment and was in a rush for time. So she was able to control the situation and together we managed to rush out the dinner before my mother-in-law came home.

After the dinner and everything, I am not very sure whether she appreciated it or not. The reason is very simple, she is a woman of great pride and hence will not say it out. I cannot deny the fact that I went home very discouraged. I really tried... really and I still do not know what do I need to do.

Well, due to the fact that we were very tired after yesterday, this morning we woke up at ten in the morning. Even our dilligent alarm clock (our daughter) did not jump around us in bed at seven. Instead, she came to join us in our bed and then she resumed sleeping till ten a.m.

After breakfast, we went to Qianhu Aquarium and hoped that by the time we reached there it will have stopped raining. Unfortuntately the rain did not stop and my spirit was a little dampened but I refused to be beaten by the rain. I am one person who will run into the rain and have myself soaked silly wet. So we bought ourselves a net and a plastic tank and started fishing in the little drain in the aquarium. Both my husband and myself enjoyed ourselves a lot trying to catch those little rascals. Don't think we left out our daughter. She could not reach deep into the drain and was not fast enough but she still had her fun of jumping into the puddles of water.

Me, being ingenious, I tried to get the fish into the net and then yelled for my daughter to hold onto the net and I told her that together we had managed to catch it. Together, we caught 4 fish. However, between my husband and myself, we each caught about six fish each.

After the fishing, I decided that we should go goat feeding (since we are all the way there at Lim Chu Kang). So we went to Hay Dairies Farm and fed the goats. My dearest daughter requested for a bottle of goat's milk and insisted she wanted the pure one and not the chocolate one. I admired her courage.

After all those exciting activities, we went back to my mother's place. Actually I intended to cook for her but since we woke up late and did not go to the market, I decided that we will treat her to dinner outside. Knowing that the reasturants would be crowded, we went for dinner as early as five. Thank goodness, because when we were there we were still able to choose our seats. After we finished at about seven, there wasa super long queue outside the resturant. Thank you again for my quick thinking.

Overall, I enjoyed myself a lot and seeing my daughter and husband enjoying themselves I am also very very very the happy and blessed.

Friday, May 06, 2005

ANother day in school

Just another day in school. I am worried for the pupils, more nervous than them. The reason is very simple, they are having a Maths Exam now. YES... NOW! I hope they will take my advice and will try to give it their best. They are capable pupils but their lack the motivation from within.

I had given all extrinsic motivation and that only last for a short period of time. Once the excitment of these motivation wear off, they will revert back to their shells and wallow back in self-pity. No matter how I tell them that they are good, they refused to believe me. Of course, I do tell them their faults because only through knowledge of oneself then is the child able to better him'herself. Think that part may have backfired because they only hear the bad side of it and ignore the fact that they are good.

Till the next blog.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

My First Posting

Today marks the start of my blogging.

Hey, I've always love to write. I had tried writing diaries but got a little tired of it. Maybe, it's because of the need to pick the pen up and writing too long hurts my fingers. Then, my dearest husband encourged me to write more by giving me a $300 pen. I love it and I use it to write my little story. However, that is put on the shelf now because I am overwhelmed with work.

Looking on the bright side, I can continue it again come 1st July. Why? It's because I have decided to quit. I cannot stand the working environment anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. What am I doing? I am a teacher and I love to teach. Teaching is my life but I hate the place that I am in now. It has make me doubt myself as a teacher.

My plans after 1st of July?

1. Take a good rest and catch up on all the sleep that I had lost over the 2 years that I had been in this school.

2. Spend time with my daughter. My adorable Arkerchi... Since I owed it to her after I went back to work. I had being working 18 hours a day and only spend 2 hours with her. The other 4 hours? Trying to get some sleep.

3. Catch up on my hobbies... my craft work, my writing, my video editing (I have so many DV tapes of my daughter and our family outings that are waiting for me to edit)

4. Reading up on teaching strategies so that I can apply them to my tuition projects.

5. Look for tuition projects.

I cannot wait for 1st of July.