Sunday, May 15, 2005

Just Finished My Project

What project do I need to do? Not that I am taking any course at the moment. I am finding all the relevant information for my pupils projects. So my husband asked me who is the one doing the project?

Well, I cannot help but to help these pupils. Unlike pupils from my previous school, these pupils are rather deprived. Most of them are from low income family and hence have no internet access so the chances of them getting the information are not that high. I did tell them to go to the library over the weekend to search for the necessary information. Yet again, not many of the parents are able to bring them to the library as they are working. So to prevent myself from getting all angry over the fact that they do not have the information, I help cover up my backside.

Call me "kiasu" but we are given five days to complete this project thingy and they are expected to present their final product during the open house. I do not have that much confidence.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself today. I spent the whole day at home with my family. Well, my daughter's music lesson has been changed to 6 p.m. so there was ample time in the day to do our craft work. (When I find the time to upload the pictures, you can see what she had done.)

Can you believe that my three years and five months old daughter helped me to mop the floor? Well, she did and she seemed to enjoy every second of it. So now I have a little helper. I can make it a weekly affair!

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