Thursday, May 05, 2005

My First Posting

Today marks the start of my blogging.

Hey, I've always love to write. I had tried writing diaries but got a little tired of it. Maybe, it's because of the need to pick the pen up and writing too long hurts my fingers. Then, my dearest husband encourged me to write more by giving me a $300 pen. I love it and I use it to write my little story. However, that is put on the shelf now because I am overwhelmed with work.

Looking on the bright side, I can continue it again come 1st July. Why? It's because I have decided to quit. I cannot stand the working environment anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do. What am I doing? I am a teacher and I love to teach. Teaching is my life but I hate the place that I am in now. It has make me doubt myself as a teacher.

My plans after 1st of July?

1. Take a good rest and catch up on all the sleep that I had lost over the 2 years that I had been in this school.

2. Spend time with my daughter. My adorable Arkerchi... Since I owed it to her after I went back to work. I had being working 18 hours a day and only spend 2 hours with her. The other 4 hours? Trying to get some sleep.

3. Catch up on my hobbies... my craft work, my writing, my video editing (I have so many DV tapes of my daughter and our family outings that are waiting for me to edit)

4. Reading up on teaching strategies so that I can apply them to my tuition projects.

5. Look for tuition projects.

I cannot wait for 1st of July.

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