Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pizza Bread Dinner

It had been a long time since we had pizzas due to Aver's allergy. We did not want her to feel left out. It had also been awhile since I stepped into my kitchen. The school holiday has started and since we are not so keen to be out of the house due to the extreme heat these few weeks, I thought of having our own pizza making... the easy way out.

I used plain white bread for the base and pasta sauce to spread. The children added their own ingredients on top. Aver's was suppose to have goat's cheese but she did not like the taste so she went without. The comment for that simple dinner was great. Everyone enjoyed it.

The ingredients to start with...

The girls were good to go after clear instructions have been given.

The girls and their creations.

Pre-toasted ones... Cheesy top is Ash's and the pasta sauce one belongs to Aver (She has not cleared her milk challenge yet).

After toasting them...


Finger(s) licking good...

Superpig's creation.

My creatiion (sorry for the super oily face...)

My beloved toaster...

We love our food. I love my kitchen. Most of all, I love the time we can all spend together to enjoy it.
*Muacks* to my beloved family.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Aver's world

My youngest is a chatterbox.

She will start a conversation at any oppotunity she gets.

She loves to join in any conversations that are going on, create her own story up just to fit right in.

Sometimes, she just said the darnest things...

Example one:

We just had our General Election on Saturday. Her daddy told her that we (the adults) needed to go to the polling centre to cast our votes. So when it was time for us to go (the girls remained at home), she said,"Mummy, you are going to the PONY station to ride on the pony right? Like the pony we saw the other time (referring to the pony that was pulling the carriage at the water resort she saw a few weeks agao)?"

Example two:

We were at the library yesterday, the girls went to pick their books under the supervision of their father. I went to the adult section to look for books on polymer clay. When I returned to them, Aver said,"Mummy, later we have to buy a teddy bear for you because it is Mother's Day." I looked at her dad and he shook his head indicating that neither he nor Ash had hinted her. This was so sweet.

Example three:

We went in hunt for the teddy bear but instead they bought me a cushion and the little one wanted to get another teddy bear for me because in her eyes a cushion is not a teddy bear. So I told her that I don't mind the little Angry Bird handphone charm that I saw earlier. We went and bought each of us girls one of those little Angry Birds. On the way to the car, Aver asked her daddy,"Daddy, do you have a bird?"

I burst out laughing... I can't help it... I know she did not meant it in the obscene manner but it is just so cute...