Friday, March 19, 2010

New Clothes for the princesses

These are long overdued pictures of the new clothes I made for the girls for the Chinese New Year.

The first set were wrap dresses for the girls... they were intended to be the same. However, after making the piece for Ash, I realised that I did not enough of that fabric for Aver.

The second set were blouses ... Aver's blouse was very long and it could be worn as a dress instead. This time round, I made sure I cut the fabric properly so that there was no wastage and had enough for both pieces.

Although I had told myself to start the sewing early, I did not managed to do it. Hence, I managed to finish the new clothes on the eve of Chinese New Year. On top of that, I also finished cleaning the house at that time.

Somehow, after so many years, I had not learnt my lesson of starting early so as not to pile all up at the last moment. Now, should I start planning for their birthdays...

Friday, March 05, 2010

It's Sports Day at school

Ashlyn's school had Sports Day today. This year she was not participating in any of the races... it is expected as she is not atheletically talented. However, she has a job to do. She has to serve and that is just as well.

I caught her taking a break with her classmates and munching away at her biscuits. She seemed to enjoy herself.