Monday, May 31, 2010

Last day

Today marks the last day of childcare for Aver. We sent her to school for the last time but joined in their little outing for the first time.
The little ones took a walk down from their little hill and up another hill. They went about picking up leaves, twigs, seed pods and others. They really seemed to enjoy the trip to the park.
We left her at school for a few more hours before bidding goodbye to everyone. When we returned in the afternoon, it was a bittersweet farewell to her teachers. There were hugs and kisses. And her first teacher, Ms Akimi, started to cry. Because she teared, I did so too. She was her first teacher and the few that had been there watching her grow from a young toddler to now a three year old. I know I will miss her too because her love and her attention to the children is the best.
Before we go, Aver had to bid goodbye to the auntie there. The nice auntie who cooks and cleans, she also help with the children. When Aver whines and cries in the morning and no one can handle her, auntie is always there to hug her tears away. Of course, before Aver left, she asked auntie for biscuits... This is something she will do eveyday when we go home.
This change is for her health but I know I will miss a few of the staff there and hope Aver will have some good memories of the place.

Friday, May 28, 2010


Life is about dealing with changes.
Life is about facing the challenges.
Life is about making decisions.
Life is about believing your abilities.

We are now at the stage of our life that there are changes occuring to our normal life. We are on our way to a new home. That is blessed by the Lord.

Aver will be attending childcare for the last time on 31 May 2010. She will be attending nursery at a nearby church in end of June.

These changes are the two major ones on top of the rest.

Putting on the armour of Christ and with the constant prayers, we will face the challenges with courage and strengths.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Snap Purses

Thanks to Serene, who had ordered the crochet rose hair ties, I started planning for the up coming Teachers' Day gifts.
I had always wanted to do the little snap purses but because I do not have a wide variety of fabric, so it will not turn out as cute as those that I had seen online. So I decided to make one out of yarn. Searched the net for a pattern but yielded nothing but nice pictures of other crochet snap purses.
Since this weekend is the examination prep week, I am home bound with two princesses, one is still nursing her asthma (although not whizzing but has to be under close obersavtion) and the other is having a battle with her revision. So I started to try out in my own and I made one!
It is really simple looking... will improve on the pattern and then add on the designs, such as buttons, lace flowers, crochet flowers...

Here is the one I tried this afternoon.

Sunday, May 02, 2010


I never thought I would enter A&E again...
Today marks my third time in life and it is because Aver has an asthma attack.

She was whizzing since yesterday evening and was given her ventolin puff.
Usually, after the puff she would be able to breathe bette and sleep better.
However, yesterday she snored very loud and she had difficulties sleeping.
This morning she went out with her daddy and sister and returned with a high fever.
gave her annother dosage of puff and her whizzzing did not improve.
At 2.30pm, she cried and complained that she cannot breathe.
Sensing something is wrong, we zoomed down to KK Hospital.

I was dropped off at the A&E entrance, took a queue number.
There were like 20 over in queue waiting and the wait can be a good thirty minutes to an hour of wait.
Went to the staff and told him that Aver was having some breathign difficulties.
He immediately skipped the queue and told the staff nurse that she needs attention immediately,
In the next minute, we were ushered into the room and doctors were summoned. And I could hear the urgency of the nurse's voice.
When the doctors came, a string of questions were asked.
While answering all the questions, my other brain was thinking about Superpig.
He had went to park the car and would be expecting to see us at the waiting area of A&E... but I got no time to think of that... I had got questions to answer.
Ash was stanfing beside me kind of scared to see her sister being attended to.
Then there was the phone from Superpig and I went out to fetch him in.

Then we were wheeled to the X-ray room for a lung x-ray.
I said 'we' because I was sitting in the wheelchair with Aver on my lap.
Kind of weird ...

Thereafter, into the observation room... and we were there for the next 3 hours.
Two more rounds of ventolin puffs,,,
condition seemed stable to go home but if she starts to get breathless again, she has to go back to the hospital.

And one note on A%E on Sunday... it is crazily crowded and noisy...

Up till now, sitting at home, I am still suffering from the hustle and bustle in there. I am getting giddy ...