Saturday, May 08, 2010

Snap Purses

Thanks to Serene, who had ordered the crochet rose hair ties, I started planning for the up coming Teachers' Day gifts.
I had always wanted to do the little snap purses but because I do not have a wide variety of fabric, so it will not turn out as cute as those that I had seen online. So I decided to make one out of yarn. Searched the net for a pattern but yielded nothing but nice pictures of other crochet snap purses.
Since this weekend is the examination prep week, I am home bound with two princesses, one is still nursing her asthma (although not whizzing but has to be under close obersavtion) and the other is having a battle with her revision. So I started to try out in my own and I made one!
It is really simple looking... will improve on the pattern and then add on the designs, such as buttons, lace flowers, crochet flowers...

Here is the one I tried this afternoon.


Serene said...

Hi Wendy,
Your snap purse is really nice!!! I like it!!! :)

Arkerchi said...

thanks :) so this will be product no. 1 for teachers' day.