Sunday, May 02, 2010


I never thought I would enter A&E again...
Today marks my third time in life and it is because Aver has an asthma attack.

She was whizzing since yesterday evening and was given her ventolin puff.
Usually, after the puff she would be able to breathe bette and sleep better.
However, yesterday she snored very loud and she had difficulties sleeping.
This morning she went out with her daddy and sister and returned with a high fever.
gave her annother dosage of puff and her whizzzing did not improve.
At 2.30pm, she cried and complained that she cannot breathe.
Sensing something is wrong, we zoomed down to KK Hospital.

I was dropped off at the A&E entrance, took a queue number.
There were like 20 over in queue waiting and the wait can be a good thirty minutes to an hour of wait.
Went to the staff and told him that Aver was having some breathign difficulties.
He immediately skipped the queue and told the staff nurse that she needs attention immediately,
In the next minute, we were ushered into the room and doctors were summoned. And I could hear the urgency of the nurse's voice.
When the doctors came, a string of questions were asked.
While answering all the questions, my other brain was thinking about Superpig.
He had went to park the car and would be expecting to see us at the waiting area of A&E... but I got no time to think of that... I had got questions to answer.
Ash was stanfing beside me kind of scared to see her sister being attended to.
Then there was the phone from Superpig and I went out to fetch him in.

Then we were wheeled to the X-ray room for a lung x-ray.
I said 'we' because I was sitting in the wheelchair with Aver on my lap.
Kind of weird ...

Thereafter, into the observation room... and we were there for the next 3 hours.
Two more rounds of ventolin puffs,,,
condition seemed stable to go home but if she starts to get breathless again, she has to go back to the hospital.

And one note on A%E on Sunday... it is crazily crowded and noisy...

Up till now, sitting at home, I am still suffering from the hustle and bustle in there. I am getting giddy ...

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