Monday, May 31, 2010

Last day

Today marks the last day of childcare for Aver. We sent her to school for the last time but joined in their little outing for the first time.
The little ones took a walk down from their little hill and up another hill. They went about picking up leaves, twigs, seed pods and others. They really seemed to enjoy the trip to the park.
We left her at school for a few more hours before bidding goodbye to everyone. When we returned in the afternoon, it was a bittersweet farewell to her teachers. There were hugs and kisses. And her first teacher, Ms Akimi, started to cry. Because she teared, I did so too. She was her first teacher and the few that had been there watching her grow from a young toddler to now a three year old. I know I will miss her too because her love and her attention to the children is the best.
Before we go, Aver had to bid goodbye to the auntie there. The nice auntie who cooks and cleans, she also help with the children. When Aver whines and cries in the morning and no one can handle her, auntie is always there to hug her tears away. Of course, before Aver left, she asked auntie for biscuits... This is something she will do eveyday when we go home.
This change is for her health but I know I will miss a few of the staff there and hope Aver will have some good memories of the place.

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