Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Macro Challange continues...

I love this challenge as it made me take out my cameras more often and it also made me look out for interesting stuff to capture, although not all are macros. Although, this is ending but I don't really see much improvement in my skill ... still I enjoyed it!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wat's up?

Well... things are moving along now and although I am still in the midst of trying to walk out of the anger, fear and depressive mood, I am really trying very much to move on.

So let's forget about those negative things and focus on the goodness and blessings from God.

First, Superpig got a new job!
Yeah... so we can worry a little less and come this new appointment there are going to be more changes and really I know the changes will be for the good of our family.

Second, Aver's rash is healing!
Yeah... it is slowly going away as long as we are dilligent enough to keep the house clean. I have become obsessed with cleaniness that when I see just a little speck of dust on our floor I will start nagging myself to get the vaccum cleaner out. Hence, I am vaccuming almost every single day.

Third, I can continue with the current arrangement of working from home and Aver and Ash can stay home rather than put in childcare and student care.
Yeah... there is no better joy then to be at home and see to the needs of my children.

Fourth, Ash is doing well in school in terms of her academic area.
Yeah... teacher said that she does quality work but there are other parts of her that need to improve and we really need to pray for her.

Fifth, I have lots of projects at hand to do.
Yeah... I am not allowing myself a chance to be idle as when I am idle, my mind will wander and it will wander off to a very very dark land. There... I don't want to go.

So I am leaving you with random photographs of us.

Macro Challenge

Okay... I am so way behind.
There are so many things going round and round me that I am getting kind of giddy trying to orgainse them.
Let's hope I can get the last few macro photographs up soon.



Monday, April 21, 2008

Macro Challenge





Again I have not updated my photos for a few days... it is kind of difficult to get any pictures taken on weekends as we are usually very loaded with activities. So I am again doing the mass updating of the macro challenge. However, these photos cannot be uploaded into my Flicker account as I have already max out the amount of uploads for this month.

A New Goal...

or an old goal revisited!
Ha... Losing weight!

My knees are hurting nowadays and I think it is largely due to my weight.
My feet are also hurting more after a walk and I know it has to be my weight.
I may not look huge to many due to my height but the weighing machine says otherwise.
The photos Superpig had taken of me also tells me that I am really in trouble in the mid region ...
Oh... and I hate seeing myself in the pictures.

So started this morning, after seeing Ash up her "Sport Car" school bus, Superpig and myself brisked walked to the market while Aver sat happily in the pram enjoying the sights.

I shall be brave and let all see my big butt and big tummy.
That will be my "before" photo and hopefully in about three months (I try not to set the date earlier...coward!) I can have a better "after" photo.

To prove that I did start our brisk walking...

Let's continue to walk ... down the scales we go!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Changing Mat ..How to...

There was a request for a "how to" for the changing mat that I had sewn so I decided to sew another and try to write a tutorial for it.
So if you are interested, you can click here.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Marco Challange

I missed out quite a few dates ... because I was caught up in the day to day activities at home and also rushing to complete my work.

So here are the photographs ...





Sunday, April 13, 2008

Time to moisturise

When we were preparing the things for the day, the little ones were left on their own.

Ash was trying to complete her homework and Aver went wandering around the house depending on who wants to give her attention.

And, it got kind of quiet... no sound of Aver's little hands and feet ...

I decided to go search for her... and found her moisturising herself.

Guess she also wants her rashes to be healed completely.

Marco 13/30

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ash asked...

"Mummy, when you are free can you teach me how to knit?"

Wow... finally, she is asking to do one of the crafts that I am doing.
But I don't knit... I crochet.
Coincidentally, I bought a set of plastic crochet hook the previous time at Spotlight with the intention of teaching her to crochet this coming school holiday.

Here are the hooks I bought for her ... Macro 12/30

Friday, April 11, 2008

Macro 11/30

I used to have a fetish over colour markers and pens.
This is pne of my collection.

Macro 10/30

Took this when we came out of the hospital after Aver's routine review of her eczema.

Just thinking

I am thinking... really tthinking...

June holidays will be coming up soon, even if you think that it is about two months away, you will be surprised by how it will snuck up at you and you being surprised by it.

So, I am thinking of conducting lessons for embroidery to kids.
Well, since I have the intention of teaching Ash a little of the skill, I thought why not have proper lessons along with other kids her age so that she will be more motivated.

So that is what I am thinking of ...

Should I or should I not?

Anyone interested?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aver's condition update (10 April 2008)

Today Aver is back at Changi Hospital for yet another follow-up.
This time round she was allocated to yet another specialist.
An old doctor ...

His words... (not exactly because I cannot remember word for word)

No dust! No heat! Dust and heat will make it all come back again,
The cream is working so just continue but it is not subsidised so it will be very expensive.
No playground... no har... you know... playgrounds very dusty and dirty.
No beach... no... beach is out. Got sand flies ... once bitten it will be worse for her.
Hmmm... cannot be too hot so the only exercise she can do is swimming.
Yeah... swimming can.
No eggs... eggs and milk is the common cause for allergy.
Even if she does not have now if you keep feeding her with it, she may react to them.
Her immune system is very hyper and so it is constantly on the high mode.
Another thing... no birdnest.
We did a research and found out that the commonest food allergy resulting in eczema is birdnest.
So no birdnest even if you think it will make her clever.
Hmmm.... how you come here?
Car... then everywhere she go, need to go by car. No bus... no heat har... heat will make it come out again.
Then eating out... all food centres must be air conditioned.
You house also ... air con most of the time.
No heat...
Cannot save this kind of money.
No pets...rabbits, hamsters, dogs and cats.
Don't ever think of acquiring any pets in the future or her condition will be worse.
(Superpig and me looked at each other and the spark that went between us was... our chinchilla...haiz...)
We also did a lot of research on patients like her because their immune system, heart and brain are sensitive so they are actually more intelligent.
Many of our ministers also have this problem... so she may be our next minister.
How about the lady attorney general in the newspaper today... arh... she could be the next one.
Very intelligent... these kind of patients.

There... that was almost all that he said.
I find him very cute.
Well, at least he is not like the one at the other hospital.
He is nicer and friendlier.
The other one may be a little stuck up but he prescribed the right cream.
So, I can only say that God sent us to the right doctors.
And now keeping everything clean and almost dust free is the top priority.
Exhuasting...any volunteers to help me with the vaccuming and the dusting and the weekly washing of bedsheets?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Macro 09/30

Duckies Gather
These are some of the duckies we collected few years ago when Duck Race were held yearly for fundraising purpose.
Sadly, due to lack of sponsors, the event had been put in the history book.
Anyone... can tell me how are my photos turning out?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Macro 05, 06, 07and 08/30

Okay... I am cheating here.
Since I joined in the fun seven days after it started, I am posting a few photos to catch up.


I must say that I am enjoying this challange very much.

However, I get giddy looking into the viewfinder of the camera trying to get it to focus.

Another thing, why does the flash automatically comes on when I am in the macro mode?

And with the flash, the photos did not turned out as nice so I switched it to manual mode and go as close to the subject as I can. That explains the giddiness after taking the photos.

Anyone got any advise?

Monday, April 07, 2008

30 Day Photography Challenge

I chanced upon this and convinced myself to take up the challenge.
What is there to lose anyway?
Details of the challenge can be found by clicking the logo below

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Photos, photos and photos

Today's post is all about photos... those that I take around the house and when I was out.

Let's start with the photos from the day before.
I was driving and was behind the wheel and while waiting for Superpig and Ash, I took some photos.
Then, there is Aver looking ever so innocent.
And look at her rashes, it is clearing.
Thank you, Lord.
(of course the fifty over dollars cream also did its job)
For today, I watered the plants for Superpig.

And when I walked into the house, I see the little mess left by Aver.
Then, there was the waiting in the car for a parking space while going to pay respect to my late father.

And there was the sunset after swimming lesson for Ash, taken in the car on the way to dinner.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Aver's skin condition

Aver was scheduled for a blood test at NUH today so that we can identify the cause of her allergies.

We travelled all the way there (from the North East to the West) and waited patiently for the appointment.

Once in the room with the doctor, we were quite disappointed with what he had to say.

Apparently, he did not know why we were there and we were suppose to be going to the paediatric department for the blood test. He did not seemed interested in what we had to say but insisted that Aver's condition is a typical atopic eczema. His comment of there is no cure for it except to accept the condition and also that by travelling round the island in the hope of finding a miracle doctor with a miracle cream is useless, did not do anything to reassure us at all.

Excuse me, doctor... we were here because we were told that by having a blood test done it may help eliminate the causes or at least we know that we do not have to avoid all kinds of food types.

Never mind his "all so mighty" attitude, I know that the Lord will heal Aver.

I claim in the name of Jesus Christ, by His Blood, Aver will be healed!


Well, before that happens (which will be soon), I "healed" her too.

Reversible Embroidery Bibs

Finally, amidst the hurting, screaming, crying and all, I managed to finish my therapuetic "healing" craft project. Although it may not reduce the hurt, it does help to channel my thoughts away from those unhappy things.

I would like to move on and also to eventually forgive those who cause all these hurt. As for now, I just want to be as far away from them as possible until I have the ability to face them again.

So here are the completed bibs ... please let me know what you think of them.