Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wat's up?

Well... things are moving along now and although I am still in the midst of trying to walk out of the anger, fear and depressive mood, I am really trying very much to move on.

So let's forget about those negative things and focus on the goodness and blessings from God.

First, Superpig got a new job!
Yeah... so we can worry a little less and come this new appointment there are going to be more changes and really I know the changes will be for the good of our family.

Second, Aver's rash is healing!
Yeah... it is slowly going away as long as we are dilligent enough to keep the house clean. I have become obsessed with cleaniness that when I see just a little speck of dust on our floor I will start nagging myself to get the vaccum cleaner out. Hence, I am vaccuming almost every single day.

Third, I can continue with the current arrangement of working from home and Aver and Ash can stay home rather than put in childcare and student care.
Yeah... there is no better joy then to be at home and see to the needs of my children.

Fourth, Ash is doing well in school in terms of her academic area.
Yeah... teacher said that she does quality work but there are other parts of her that need to improve and we really need to pray for her.

Fifth, I have lots of projects at hand to do.
Yeah... I am not allowing myself a chance to be idle as when I am idle, my mind will wander and it will wander off to a very very dark land. There... I don't want to go.

So I am leaving you with random photographs of us.

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SuperPig said...

Everything is so uncertain, cannot be too happy yet. Must keep praying for it.