Monday, April 21, 2008

A New Goal...

or an old goal revisited!
Ha... Losing weight!

My knees are hurting nowadays and I think it is largely due to my weight.
My feet are also hurting more after a walk and I know it has to be my weight.
I may not look huge to many due to my height but the weighing machine says otherwise.
The photos Superpig had taken of me also tells me that I am really in trouble in the mid region ...
Oh... and I hate seeing myself in the pictures.

So started this morning, after seeing Ash up her "Sport Car" school bus, Superpig and myself brisked walked to the market while Aver sat happily in the pram enjoying the sights.

I shall be brave and let all see my big butt and big tummy.
That will be my "before" photo and hopefully in about three months (I try not to set the date earlier...coward!) I can have a better "after" photo.

To prove that I did start our brisk walking...

Let's continue to walk ... down the scales we go!

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