Thursday, April 10, 2008

Aver's condition update (10 April 2008)

Today Aver is back at Changi Hospital for yet another follow-up.
This time round she was allocated to yet another specialist.
An old doctor ...

His words... (not exactly because I cannot remember word for word)

No dust! No heat! Dust and heat will make it all come back again,
The cream is working so just continue but it is not subsidised so it will be very expensive.
No playground... no har... you know... playgrounds very dusty and dirty.
No beach... no... beach is out. Got sand flies ... once bitten it will be worse for her.
Hmmm... cannot be too hot so the only exercise she can do is swimming.
Yeah... swimming can.
No eggs... eggs and milk is the common cause for allergy.
Even if she does not have now if you keep feeding her with it, she may react to them.
Her immune system is very hyper and so it is constantly on the high mode.
Another thing... no birdnest.
We did a research and found out that the commonest food allergy resulting in eczema is birdnest.
So no birdnest even if you think it will make her clever.
Hmmm.... how you come here?
Car... then everywhere she go, need to go by car. No bus... no heat har... heat will make it come out again.
Then eating out... all food centres must be air conditioned.
You house also ... air con most of the time.
No heat...
Cannot save this kind of money.
No pets...rabbits, hamsters, dogs and cats.
Don't ever think of acquiring any pets in the future or her condition will be worse.
(Superpig and me looked at each other and the spark that went between us was... our chinchilla...haiz...)
We also did a lot of research on patients like her because their immune system, heart and brain are sensitive so they are actually more intelligent.
Many of our ministers also have this problem... so she may be our next minister.
How about the lady attorney general in the newspaper today... arh... she could be the next one.
Very intelligent... these kind of patients.

There... that was almost all that he said.
I find him very cute.
Well, at least he is not like the one at the other hospital.
He is nicer and friendlier.
The other one may be a little stuck up but he prescribed the right cream.
So, I can only say that God sent us to the right doctors.
And now keeping everything clean and almost dust free is the top priority.
Exhuasting...any volunteers to help me with the vaccuming and the dusting and the weekly washing of bedsheets?


diamonds said...

That was a funny kinda monologue by the doc :) Anyway, my son has asthma & the doc also us instructed to keep soft toys away and change the bedsheets more often (btw, I change them twice a month). She suggested I do a final rinse in hot water too. Maybe you wanna try that ;)


Jarrett Lim G.W said...

i like this doc! hes cute, funny & encouraging! He give happy ending even though the situation seems serious. At least he makes me feel that it's not the end of the world.