Thursday, April 03, 2008

Aver's skin condition

Aver was scheduled for a blood test at NUH today so that we can identify the cause of her allergies.

We travelled all the way there (from the North East to the West) and waited patiently for the appointment.

Once in the room with the doctor, we were quite disappointed with what he had to say.

Apparently, he did not know why we were there and we were suppose to be going to the paediatric department for the blood test. He did not seemed interested in what we had to say but insisted that Aver's condition is a typical atopic eczema. His comment of there is no cure for it except to accept the condition and also that by travelling round the island in the hope of finding a miracle doctor with a miracle cream is useless, did not do anything to reassure us at all.

Excuse me, doctor... we were here because we were told that by having a blood test done it may help eliminate the causes or at least we know that we do not have to avoid all kinds of food types.

Never mind his "all so mighty" attitude, I know that the Lord will heal Aver.

I claim in the name of Jesus Christ, by His Blood, Aver will be healed!


Well, before that happens (which will be soon), I "healed" her too.


Anonymous said...

Her smile is so sweeeeet....


Jarrett Lim G.W said...

Some docs are just to plain heartless...cos they have seen it so often until they are so numb about it. Thats why they never think b4 they speak...I hate these docs too.
They just need someone to wake them up.
So the whole trip was wasted? no blood test done? =\
Hope your gal will recover soon.
Yea, your darling looks so sweet in this pic. ^ ^

Arkerchi said...

Yup... wasted trip but the total cost is abt 70 dollars... 20 for consultation and 50 for a non steriod cream. just hope that cream will work.

came home with a grouchy husband too...

YL said...

maybe u want to consider gng to a skin doc for opinion as skin doc r more specialise in this area

Arkerchi said...

we are already going ro the specialists... just that its at govt hospital.

YL said...

specialist at govt hospital also gd. think they'll hv more knowledge in this area than other docs.

Arkerchi said...

the ones at the changi hospital are nice and good but just that the doc at NUH was kind of mean. But at least, the very expensive cream he prescribe is doing her rash some good.