Tuesday, March 28, 2006

PSP!!! Mine!!!

I've got the white sony PSP! Just bought it yesterday and will be sharing it with my daughter and grudging my beloved PIG!

But still I am glad to have it... cos' now i can play my bubble puzzle in the living room and watch tv on those days my beloved PIG goes online gaming in the room.

Of cos' other features in the PSP are equally attractive and will slowly explore it when I get some FREE TIME!!!

For now, I will just have to be contented with playing my Bubble Puzzle!

And Ashlyn saw it this evening, as it was lying on my pillow, and she took the liberty to "play" with it! However, I told her unless she behaves herself and also perform well in her "homework" then I will let her play during the weekend. I have let her learn the art of responsibility. Now I remember... I better get a award chart out and start charting her "rewards" for all the good behaviour and her excellent"homework". With a certain accumulation of "rewards" in the week then she can get to play the PSP.

Got it ... better start it soon.

Busy Bee

I am now deep in my work... its piling up to my waist and I am still at a lost how to get it all done in the limted time I have in school...

Due to the fact that MOE does not pay adjunct teachers during school holidays, I ahve to clock in those hours that I put in during the holidays during term time. So for June holidays, I will be working approximately for 120 hours or more. Then there are the Saturdays... So the amount of time I stay in school to work is about 5 hours each day and that is not enough to finish all my jobs!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Ashlyn's website got cancelled

I am very upset... the amount of time i had put in for the last few years for her website had been down the drain. I just visted the website today and relised that the data is too big and requries me to purchase the bigger plan to allow the data transfer.

I hope later I can go back again and try to print out all those that were left over and restart again!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

My baking experience...

So far I have been rather adventurous... have been trying out new recipes. Just Monday, Kenny mentioned something about cream puffs and I went to the net to find the recipe. Looked at the instructions and relised that it was rather simple.

So I made chocolate eggnog puffs on Monday night. Then the night before I made another batch but just plain eggnog puffs. I am rather surprised by the outcome.

Normally I will not eat what I had cooked. I do not know why... after getting the food done and edible I will simply stare at it and watch Kenny and Ashlyn eat. Seeing them eat is enough and most of the time I do not know how my food tasted like. However, this time round, I ate my own eggnog puffs and was totally impressed by it.

I know one thing for sure, I am enjoying every bit of the cooking part now and also my time to do my crafts......

Oh... and i just a recipe book for the different kinds of bread.. will be trying the yam bread soon...

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Piano Lessons confirmed

I did mention about signing up for piano lessons and this time I did it. After finding out the lesson schedule and the fees, along with discussing with Kenny, I went to sign up for lessons.

Reasons for taking it up at this age?
1. Have always wanted to take piano lessons since young but due to financial reasons was not able to.
2. To be more confident in teaching Ashlyn her piano too. (Want to be a good example to her... she was also very happy that I signed up for lessons!)
3. Bored with my life... bored in the sense that there isn't any challenges for me. Since I quit full time teaching, there seems to be nothing to work for. In my current position, no matter how hard I work and how good I am, I still earn the same amount with no promotions, increment, performance bonus and so on. So I need to look within myself and see what I want to achieve and go and do it.
4. Maybe if I am good at it, I can start making music???(ha ha ha... like real. If Pig reads this, he will be shaking his head vigorously!)

I am trying very hard to focus my attention to other things so that I will not get agitated by all the little things around me. Like I said my mood have been very bad. I am easily angered and when I do, I go crazy. I desperately needs to get out of the situation. Othere than focusing on God and His healing powers and promises, I cannot sit around and wait for Him. Cos' I always believe that He has a plan and by sitting around the His plan does not have a chance to work out at all.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

What's up?

Nothing much.. having working on my lesson plans for next term's digital art.

Also trying my hands at cooking...
1. swiss rolls (not a pretty sight and too sweet)
2. hor fan (Kenny and Ashlyn commented that it was good)
3. kimchi (in the process of preservation.. so not sure how it will turn out)

And I also nade a few tissue holders...

Will be going to sign up of piano lessons for myself soon

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My personal goal today

Guess my mood have not been very uplifting lately. Seems that everything is frustrating me.

So I choose to live a day at a time and aim to make my day a better day than the one before.

Today's goals
1. To take an hour to two hours rest in the afternoon
2. Cook a very simple dinner
3. Be positive when talking to Ashlyn
4. Do not get agitated with Ashlyn (for whatever reason)
5. Smile!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Haven't been working...

That's because Ashlyn wan down with the Viral Fever that was spreading like wild fire in her school. She had fever on Sunday night (26th Feb) and it rose to 40 degrees by 5 in the morning. Not forgetting that Kenny was not around as he had reservist.

I handled her all by myself through the night, brought her to the doctor's but there her fever miraculously disappeared. Took the day off to take care of her. In the afternoon her fever came back and Kenny also came back! He was given a day off due to his empress dowager's fever.

Thought everything was well by Monday night but... her fever came back at 9pm and again it soared to the 40s in the early hours of 5am. I thought I should bring her down to the doctor's again but like the day before, by 8am, her fever had miraculously disappeared.

Again thought that she should be able to return to school on Wednesday but then she started to have runny nose. She had a hard time sleeping and of course, me too.

By Thursday morning, her runny nose got worse and thank goodness Kenny had finished his stint with the National Army. So thought we should pop in to the doc's to buy some medicine but then he decided to let him have a look at him.

Once in the clinc, the receptionist response was,"The two of you ...again?" Don't think she was trying to be rude but that is quite true. For the past few weeks, we rotated in visiting the clinic. So think the doc must be sick and tired of seeing us already.

Then we kept her off school for the ret of the week cos' not sure how the situation with the viral fever is at school.

As for today, Monday... I am not at work... needed a good rest after last week.

Shhhhhhhhhh... don't let anyone in the school know...