Thursday, March 16, 2006

Piano Lessons confirmed

I did mention about signing up for piano lessons and this time I did it. After finding out the lesson schedule and the fees, along with discussing with Kenny, I went to sign up for lessons.

Reasons for taking it up at this age?
1. Have always wanted to take piano lessons since young but due to financial reasons was not able to.
2. To be more confident in teaching Ashlyn her piano too. (Want to be a good example to her... she was also very happy that I signed up for lessons!)
3. Bored with my life... bored in the sense that there isn't any challenges for me. Since I quit full time teaching, there seems to be nothing to work for. In my current position, no matter how hard I work and how good I am, I still earn the same amount with no promotions, increment, performance bonus and so on. So I need to look within myself and see what I want to achieve and go and do it.
4. Maybe if I am good at it, I can start making music???(ha ha ha... like real. If Pig reads this, he will be shaking his head vigorously!)

I am trying very hard to focus my attention to other things so that I will not get agitated by all the little things around me. Like I said my mood have been very bad. I am easily angered and when I do, I go crazy. I desperately needs to get out of the situation. Othere than focusing on God and His healing powers and promises, I cannot sit around and wait for Him. Cos' I always believe that He has a plan and by sitting around the His plan does not have a chance to work out at all.

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