Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Who will get these?
Finally, managed to squeeze a little time out from Ash to help me do this.
The task of drawing out the names are spread out between both Ash and Aver.
I must say that Ash was easier to deal with but not Aver.
Aver drew the piece of paper out but refused to give it me so we had a little argument over these tiny pieces of paper.
I have checked and found 4 pairs left.
Don't ask me where the rest are because I really do not know.
See... I am really bad at organising my stuff.
(But I don't think anyone is interested in knowing...)
Here are the four lucky ones...

Kindly drop me an email at wengkh(at)hotmail(dot)com, leaving your mailing addy so that I can send them out to you.
For the others, thank you for participating and also your kind comments on these hairclips.
There may be a next time... I am not so sure yet.
Check in here at my blog once in awhile and leave a note too next time.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


What's that?

Phobia of reptiles, amphibians or other similar animals.
Lizards belong to that family.
Yes, I admit it out loud.
I am scared of them.
I am very scared of them!
I am Super Ultra Massive Fearful of them!
My hair will stand when I see one, big or small.
Usually, I see one running across the wall and I will just scream or grit my teeth real hard so that I will not scream and wake my baby up.
But tonight... I see two... Big and Small.
So Superpig went to my rescue and I shall go into detail about it.

P.S. I had just read something in an old issue of Reader Digest about phobias and was about to do one on my personal list of phobia...and then this episode came about to make me go research more about the topic. Once I have gotten all the information that I need I post it.
P.P.S. I am also have extreme fear to reptiles and amphibians.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Piggy... MewMew's Brother

Here is another member added to my faceless amigurumi animals.

His coverting Superpig's roti prata.
No matter how he begged and whined, he did not get any as that was Superpig's first and last taste of prata before he goes back on his diet.

To prevent Piggy from ending up in the plate of curry, Ash distracted him with a little photo taking.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mew Mew

Here she is.
She looks a little on the plump side just like her creator.

Friday, February 22, 2008

When one assumes...

things will turn out different.

Throw a pair of pants and rompers to the grandma for the just-showered tot
This is what you will get...

"Psst... Mah Mah, think the pants are suppose to be outside?" Aver snickered.

What could this be?

Fingers got a little itchy and I was feeling kind of at a lost as there are too many things clouding my mind, I thought I need a little crafting to lift up my spirit.

Here it is...

"Sniff, sniff...What can it be?" Pooh wondered.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Morning call... or not

Superpig's duty is to be Ash's alarm clock.

So yesterday morning, without missing a beat, he got out of bed, went to wake the princess dowager up.

First, he had to tackle her whining and whimpering around on her bed.

Next, he had to clench his teeth through the dowager's S...L...O...W... move to get herself showered and dressed for school.

After that, he had to constantly beg her to get her breakfast down into her tummy before it was too late. At that moment, he could no longer suppress his frustration so here it went...

SP,"Quick lah!!! Going to be six o'clock already, later you miss the school bus."
Ash," orh..." Looking very tired and trying her best to eat a little faster.
SP,"Faster can or not?"
Ash,"..." eyes droopy and almost nodding off to dreamland.
SP looked at his watch to check the time again...

4 AM


Eyes on wall clock....4AM !!

Eyes on TV's clock...4AM!!!


SP,"Sorry, Ash... it's only 4 am. I woke you up too early. Go back to sleep after you finish your food,"

Ahem... So the human alarm clock will also can be dysfunctional.

This morning, the human alarm clock woke up.
He went to princess dowager's room to wake her up and was greeted with...

"Daddy, is it too early still?"
Superpig was ...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For Free...

Remember these hair clips...

I have decided to give them out for free since no one is willing to pay for them.

Leave your name and url in the comments area and I will pick then lucky ones.

Hope there will be some responses.

4 lucky gals have been announced HERE!

I am jealous

Of what you may ask.
Of all other bloggers who have very good and interersting blogs.
Have always loved to go visit some of their blogs and always leaving feeling inspired by their many craft projects but yet feeling a little upset that I cannot give others the same kind of feel with my blog.
That also explains the low traffic and almost zero comments.

Anyway, here are some interesting blogs that I always visit and I thought it will be good to share with whoever is reading.

1. Angry Chicken
- I just ordered her book from an Amazon Spree and can't wait for it to arrive.

2. All Sorts

3. Soulemama

4. Dreaming Reality
- She is funny and I think the only one who supports my handiwork. Thank you.

5. Once upon a time

6. Matt and Becky

There are more which I will list next time.
Now... will anyone please share with me how to improve my blog?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A sick baby, new job and cannot work...

What kind of title is that anyway?
Just the kind which tries to summarise everything but not making a good effort at it.

Let's start with the sick baby...

(She has finally rolled out of my arms to the bed so I can make a run to the bathroom.)

As mentioned in earlier post that Aver had fever. The fever stayed for another day, that was Saturday. Since we do not have any fever medication for her, we went to the doc. However, our little friend did not have any other symptoms so we got the fever medication and runny nose medication (cos I mentioned something about her having a stuffy nose).

So Aver and myself was on house arrest for the weekend while Superpig and Ash went about the weekend activities. Fever went away but a sore throat seems to set in. Aver started to feel extremely grouchy and uncomfortable. She refused to swallow her saliva so we were like catching her saliva all the time.

Due to extreme discomfort, she had little sleep and hence I had little sleep.
Today marks the fourth day of "no-sleep" days and also she started to sound very sore at the throat. Coughing sets in with traces of phlegm and the fever came back. Hopefully, this evening we can go back to the doc for another review (that is if Superpig allows).

(While she sleeps, I tried to work but really couldn't do much as she kept waking up due to discomfort.)

New job...

My neighbour approached me last week to tutor her daughter in "O" level mathematics. I scored a tremendous A2 then and has supreme interest in the subject but still that is all history. So I was a little apprehensive in accepting the job. Somehow, this little voice in me told me that with a little brushing up, I should be able to do it.

So I took the job but charge at a very cheap rate and told my neighbour that if she can find a more qualified tutor she should go ahead and hire him/her.

Job started yesterday and it went sort of well...

Cannot work...

that is because of the sick baby. She is stuck to me and hence there is no way I can get anything done at all.

(My 5-minutes lunch which will need to be cleared.)

Although I have a new job, I have not quit my original.

So I need to find time to complete my work...

(Here they are waiting patiently to start work.)

And I will leave you with her usual curious nature, digging into her bag of change.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crochet cross

Our ex cell group couple is having a house warming this weekend so there is a need to prepare a gift. Since I like to use my hands to create gifts for my friends rather than to buy commercial produced gifts. So I searched the internet for a suitable crochet pattern and found this crochet cross. I am not totally satisfied with the end product as it is kind of wonky. Hence, I will be making another better one.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sick Baby

Aver woke up from her afternoon nap with a fever. It ran at 39 degrees with no other symptoms. The only thing I can do is to summon Superpig home so that if we need to go to the doctor he can drive up there. Since there are no other ailments, we just can only keep her cool and wait.

Valentine's Day

It's the yearly affair for beloved ones to come together and spend an exorbitant amount of money to show that they love each other. Anyway, like any other girls who just cannot get enough of this kind of attention, I would also expect some kind of action from Superpig.
So there is the wishing for a small little gift... It doesn't matter if the gift was small, it was the thought that counted. But this year the gift is considered big. A BRAND NEW HANDPHONE! Yes, he got me a Nokia N82 and I am now blogging with it.
As for what I got for him... Nothing! Well, his will come later... a HTC Dual (once his contract ends at the end of this month).
Since its a Thursday and I am suppose to report to work at school, we thought it would be good to catch a movie first. Of course, this cannot be known to my mum who is stuck at home babysitting Aver.
So we celebrated Valentine's Day by watching a movie and a satisfyng meal at Ajisen Ramen. Thereafter, we picked Ash up from school and head to my school. That marks the end of our celebration. However, I still enjoyed it because I get to spend time alone with my Superpig without little voices nagging at me and pesky little hands in my face.
Hope you also had an enjoyable day.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Lunar New Year - Day One

It's the first day of the Lunar New GONG XI FA CAI everyone.

Anyway, it was kind of difficult to wake up due to the excessive effort and time spent clearing the house.
Once we were all up and about, we got ourself busied with preparation for the day's visiting.

Before we set off to our first stop, the princesses got their New Year blessings from us.

Then at Superpig's mum's place...

Aver enjoyed herself crazy by getting all her uncles and aunties to "walk" her. Ash slipped and fell hitting her arms on the coffee table so she was tearful for about 5 minutes.

Overall, the day went well and ended with all of us ultra tired.

Chinese New Year - Preparation

The usual spring cleaning has to be completed before the Lunar New Year arrive.

So Superpig and myself embarked on cleaning up the house.

We started by telling ourselves that things that we had not used for the past year, we have to throw it out.

In two days, we threw out almost ten bags of stuff... it was amazing!

The feeling of throwing away the things that had been cluttering up the house was great.

It seemed like we were throwing away some of the burdens that we had been carrying.

Our shoulders seemed to be lighter.

On top of that... the house is easier to maintain and it looks more spacious.

While we were busy trying to clean up the house, the two girls kept themselves busy.

I refused to step into their room as it seemed like a hurricane had just passed by.

"The stairway to Heaven..."

Since Ash decided that she wanted to join the ballet lessons conducted in her school, I had to be the good mother to go to school to fetch her home.
So on Thursdays, after reporting at my school for a few hours, I will head to Plaza Singapura for a little "me" time.
After the "me" time, I will head towards Ash's school... that is where my exercise will begin.

"The stairway to Heaven..."

The photo is not well taken... will try to take another one next week.

A Pretty Visitor

Recently, we have a pretty visitor who will sing beautifully at our window ledge.

It does brighten up the day with its beautiful singing.

It is also not a shy fellow, it perched itself on the ledge and sang away, while we sat beside it and enjoyed.

Aver loved watching it also and would sit quietly observing it with me.

Aver rash...

has improved tremendously.
She was on one week worth of antibiotics and we had been dilligently feeding her that and applying the neccessary cream.
We must thank the Lord for his healing mercy on Aver... let me explain why.

Two weeks ago, we were getting worried of her red pus producing rash and we were discussing when we should go back to the paed. However, there was this nagging voice in me that told me otherwise. I was not comfortable going back to the paed again as he is not a skin specialist. The nagging voice kept urging me to bring Aver to the specialist.

When we finally decided to go to the government clinic for a referral letter, the night before Aver scratched her face till it bled quite badly. When we had the referral, it was for an appointment at National Skin Centre in March. However, the nagging voice came in and told me to bring forward the date. So we asked the lady for an earlier date, she said that for National Skin Centre, March was the earliest unless we don't mind going to Changi Hospital. Since Changi Hospital has the skin specialist clinic, we decided to go for it. The lady made a call and we had an appointment made for the next day. So I can only say that God was leading us through this whole proccess.

Then the doctor at the clinic was very nice and patient. She was very detailed in assessing Aver's condition. We have to thank God for sending us to such a good doctor too.

And for the medication, we have to thank God for allowing Aver to take her medication well with no fuss and hassle at all.

Lastly, we prayed daily for God's healing mercy to be on Aver and you can see for yourself that her rashes cleared up very well in just one week.

On 29 January 2008...

And at 7 February 2008...

Praise the Lord!


Our long awaited game console... it is finally here!
And we are glad that we had waited for it rather than spending the money a few months back to buy it.

So we now have the console for free and are totally grateful and pleased.

Our big man collecting the new toy...

Here's our big man playing tennis...

My view on Wii...

1) Great for family

2) Love the easy game play


Superpig is on Atkins Holiday

He will be on the Atkins diet holiday for a month.

So come 1st March 2008, he will be back on the diet again.

For now, he will be eating carbo again and he sure is very happy about it.

However, he mentioned that when he eat too much carbo, he will feel uncomfortable.

Hence, he decided that he will not over induldge.

To celebrate his success for the last three months, I cooked his favourite soup!

Sweet Potato Soup.... Yummy!

See how he enjoyed his soup ...