Friday, February 08, 2008

Aver rash...

has improved tremendously.
She was on one week worth of antibiotics and we had been dilligently feeding her that and applying the neccessary cream.
We must thank the Lord for his healing mercy on Aver... let me explain why.

Two weeks ago, we were getting worried of her red pus producing rash and we were discussing when we should go back to the paed. However, there was this nagging voice in me that told me otherwise. I was not comfortable going back to the paed again as he is not a skin specialist. The nagging voice kept urging me to bring Aver to the specialist.

When we finally decided to go to the government clinic for a referral letter, the night before Aver scratched her face till it bled quite badly. When we had the referral, it was for an appointment at National Skin Centre in March. However, the nagging voice came in and told me to bring forward the date. So we asked the lady for an earlier date, she said that for National Skin Centre, March was the earliest unless we don't mind going to Changi Hospital. Since Changi Hospital has the skin specialist clinic, we decided to go for it. The lady made a call and we had an appointment made for the next day. So I can only say that God was leading us through this whole proccess.

Then the doctor at the clinic was very nice and patient. She was very detailed in assessing Aver's condition. We have to thank God for sending us to such a good doctor too.

And for the medication, we have to thank God for allowing Aver to take her medication well with no fuss and hassle at all.

Lastly, we prayed daily for God's healing mercy to be on Aver and you can see for yourself that her rashes cleared up very well in just one week.

On 29 January 2008...

And at 7 February 2008...

Praise the Lord!

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