Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A sick baby, new job and cannot work...

What kind of title is that anyway?
Just the kind which tries to summarise everything but not making a good effort at it.

Let's start with the sick baby...

(She has finally rolled out of my arms to the bed so I can make a run to the bathroom.)

As mentioned in earlier post that Aver had fever. The fever stayed for another day, that was Saturday. Since we do not have any fever medication for her, we went to the doc. However, our little friend did not have any other symptoms so we got the fever medication and runny nose medication (cos I mentioned something about her having a stuffy nose).

So Aver and myself was on house arrest for the weekend while Superpig and Ash went about the weekend activities. Fever went away but a sore throat seems to set in. Aver started to feel extremely grouchy and uncomfortable. She refused to swallow her saliva so we were like catching her saliva all the time.

Due to extreme discomfort, she had little sleep and hence I had little sleep.
Today marks the fourth day of "no-sleep" days and also she started to sound very sore at the throat. Coughing sets in with traces of phlegm and the fever came back. Hopefully, this evening we can go back to the doc for another review (that is if Superpig allows).

(While she sleeps, I tried to work but really couldn't do much as she kept waking up due to discomfort.)

New job...

My neighbour approached me last week to tutor her daughter in "O" level mathematics. I scored a tremendous A2 then and has supreme interest in the subject but still that is all history. So I was a little apprehensive in accepting the job. Somehow, this little voice in me told me that with a little brushing up, I should be able to do it.

So I took the job but charge at a very cheap rate and told my neighbour that if she can find a more qualified tutor she should go ahead and hire him/her.

Job started yesterday and it went sort of well...

Cannot work...

that is because of the sick baby. She is stuck to me and hence there is no way I can get anything done at all.

(My 5-minutes lunch which will need to be cleared.)

Although I have a new job, I have not quit my original.

So I need to find time to complete my work...

(Here they are waiting patiently to start work.)

And I will leave you with her usual curious nature, digging into her bag of change.


Anonymous said...

Can imagine her playful scene when she ravage your bag.

Ya i sleep like a dead corpse. sorry u have to handle her thru the nights.

pray for her.

Jarrett Lim G.W said...

Hope she'll recover soon.