Thursday, February 21, 2008

Morning call... or not

Superpig's duty is to be Ash's alarm clock.

So yesterday morning, without missing a beat, he got out of bed, went to wake the princess dowager up.

First, he had to tackle her whining and whimpering around on her bed.

Next, he had to clench his teeth through the dowager's S...L...O...W... move to get herself showered and dressed for school.

After that, he had to constantly beg her to get her breakfast down into her tummy before it was too late. At that moment, he could no longer suppress his frustration so here it went...

SP,"Quick lah!!! Going to be six o'clock already, later you miss the school bus."
Ash," orh..." Looking very tired and trying her best to eat a little faster.
SP,"Faster can or not?"
Ash,"..." eyes droopy and almost nodding off to dreamland.
SP looked at his watch to check the time again...

4 AM


Eyes on wall clock....4AM !!

Eyes on TV's clock...4AM!!!


SP,"Sorry, Ash... it's only 4 am. I woke you up too early. Go back to sleep after you finish your food,"

Ahem... So the human alarm clock will also can be dysfunctional.

This morning, the human alarm clock woke up.
He went to princess dowager's room to wake her up and was greeted with...

"Daddy, is it too early still?"
Superpig was ...


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so cute...tough being parents..stress -_-"

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