Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am jealous

Of what you may ask.
Of all other bloggers who have very good and interersting blogs.
Have always loved to go visit some of their blogs and always leaving feeling inspired by their many craft projects but yet feeling a little upset that I cannot give others the same kind of feel with my blog.
That also explains the low traffic and almost zero comments.

Anyway, here are some interesting blogs that I always visit and I thought it will be good to share with whoever is reading.

1. Angry Chicken
- I just ordered her book from an Amazon Spree and can't wait for it to arrive.

2. All Sorts

3. Soulemama

4. Dreaming Reality
- She is funny and I think the only one who supports my handiwork. Thank you.

5. Once upon a time

6. Matt and Becky

There are more which I will list next time.
Now... will anyone please share with me how to improve my blog?


honeymeow said...

Well for one, join and ping yourself each time you complete a blogpost.

Another one is, your blog really isn't that bad, pictures are always good.

Get linked on other people's blogs also helps and most of all, list yourself up at m4m lah!

Got an interesting article? Send people your way from m4m by linking them in to the direct URL.

Most of them stay readers once they're in. :)

Mel said...

I read your blog! :)

Arkerchi said...

calling Mel... I am not invited to ur blog. pls add me in too :)

Mel said...

can u email me your address? my add: