Tuesday, February 26, 2008


What's that?

Phobia of reptiles, amphibians or other similar animals.
Lizards belong to that family.
Yes, I admit it out loud.
I am scared of them.
I am very scared of them!
I am Super Ultra Massive Fearful of them!
My hair will stand when I see one, big or small.
Usually, I see one running across the wall and I will just scream or grit my teeth real hard so that I will not scream and wake my baby up.
But tonight... I see two... Big and Small.
So Superpig went to my rescue and I shall go into detail about it.

P.S. I had just read something in an old issue of Reader Digest about phobias and was about to do one on my personal list of phobia...and then this episode came about to make me go research more about the topic. Once I have gotten all the information that I need I post it.
P.P.S. I am also have extreme fear to reptiles and amphibians.


Robert Sim said...

...You are not the ONLY one my dear... not the only one.. But I am brave!! I know martials arts!... yet I scream for PAM when I see one.. lol lol

Jarrett Lim G.W said...

i dislike lizards & snakes. Maybe becos of their texture...i see it I'll run & look for a chair to climb on to.
What causes this fear? housecleaning & going to toilet at ran over my feet...cold & sticky...eeeeee...

Arkerchi said...

Hey Robert, don't you send one of ur flying kicks when u see them?

Hi Jarret,
Thanks for ur comment about the crochet toys. I love making them too cos it makes more sense to crochet them thrn clothing items here in Singapore. And also thank u for dropping by my blog regularly.