Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Who will get these?
Finally, managed to squeeze a little time out from Ash to help me do this.
The task of drawing out the names are spread out between both Ash and Aver.
I must say that Ash was easier to deal with but not Aver.
Aver drew the piece of paper out but refused to give it me so we had a little argument over these tiny pieces of paper.
I have checked and found 4 pairs left.
Don't ask me where the rest are because I really do not know.
See... I am really bad at organising my stuff.
(But I don't think anyone is interested in knowing...)
Here are the four lucky ones...

Kindly drop me an email at wengkh(at)hotmail(dot)com, leaving your mailing addy so that I can send them out to you.
For the others, thank you for participating and also your kind comments on these hairclips.
There may be a next time... I am not so sure yet.
Check in here at my blog once in awhile and leave a note too next time.

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