Saturday, March 01, 2008

Terminal 3 - 1st March 2008

Finally, we managed to find some time to make a trip down to the airport to view the new terminal.

I must say that the place is nice, with ample space for the kiddos to run about, various resturants to suit different taste buds, nice shops to go window shopping in.

Well, at least there is one that Superpig cannot resist and he had to go on in and find his favourite. And no, he does not indulge in them much, he counts his carbo intake to ensure that he does not exceed what he requires for the day.

I brought out my old friend, Canon 350D ... how I miss it so. And I went snapping away at the princesses, Superpig and my wonderful mum.

Surprisingly, my mum allowed me to take her pictures. She usually runs away when the camera is whipped shy... Actually not true, you should see how she posed for my dad long time ago.
(One of these days, will scan her hip photographs and upload it.)

Then Ash sort of went crazy running around and making me dizzy trying to snap pictures of her.

As for Aver, I made the mistake of bringing her out of the pram. Once her feet touched the ground, she refused to be carried or to be back in the pram. She wanted to walk. And so, she walked and she tumbled and she continued to walk and tumble but she was happy.

Superpig and myself ... we tried out different angles of taking each others' pictures.

Dinner was at Popeyes... since a few friends had mentioned how good the food is. And the first thing Ash said was," Daddy, are we eating here... at pop eyes?"

Yup, it was pronounced as "pop" and "eyes" not popeye...and I don't blame her as she has not been exposed to the good old cartoon of "Popeye the Sailorman".

The food may be nice but we would not say the same for the wait. Superpig queued for almost 20 minutes before he got to the counter. Once at the counter, I think he waited for another 10 minutes for the food to be served onto the trays. By the time he reached our table, he was fuming mad and totally not in the mood for any of my jokes or attempts to snap a few pictures of the food and the hungry diners.

I would dare say that the trip there was quite fun and the princesses did enjoy themselves lots. They slept in the car on the journey home and once they reached home and were cleaned up, they went back to dreamland fast.


Anonymous said...

only 2nd floor, the departure hall looks good. the rest.. nothing much.
They just incorporate localised Foodcourt, NTUC in B2. i must admit.. even thou its 1 of the biggest foodcourt i've seen. its still over crowded with ppl waiting for seats.
and i was fuming mad with the 25min queue for Pop Eyes. even thou there were only 4 ppl in front of me... ............. (the thought of it makes me >.<)


honeymeow said...

Love the multitude of pictures... and CANON camera!!! aaaahhh! I also wantt!!!!! hahahaha

Now if only someone sponsors me one with 2 lenses.. a diffusion lense and a good zoom one... I would be the most delighted chika in the WHOLE WORLD... hahaha


Arkerchi said...

I also want... still trying to save some money for lens...