Thursday, March 06, 2008

Light bulb moment...

Okay... I finally understood why my blog is not as "busy" like others.

The reasons...

1) No focus... I blog about everything, from my little crafting projects to the littlest thing that may happen around me.

2) My crafting projects...LIMITED! Take at look at the others'... I am amazed at how they are able to complete so many projects in such short period of time.

3) Lousy photos... I truly need to take pictures in better light. Plus, if you noticed all the pictures are dark and indoors. Where is the beauty of the nature... hmmm... I live in a flat... where can I go to find nature.

Seriously, I truly love the crafters' blog... so many ideas, so many interesting things to see.

Do I want to change this particular blog to one mainly for crafts?

Not really because I enjoy blogging about almost everything that happened around me.

It is really very much like my diary.

Maybe, I can have a separate one just for my crafting projects?

Good idea but I already have three (actually four) to manage and really cannot find much time to have another separate one.

So ... too bad.

There ... I understood already and since I cannot start another blog, I think I just work on the photographs.

So I will leave you with this nice photo.

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