Saturday, March 22, 2008

As my baby grows...

Looking at Aver, I realised that Ash is no longer a baby but a little girl.

Looking at Aver, I realised that Ash has grown from cute to pretty.
Looking at Aver, I realised that I miss Ash at that age.
Looking at Aver, I realised that I cannot turn back the clock.
Looking at both girls, I realised that I can hold on to the memories of them growing.
So I decided on having a photo wall which shows them growing.
I started with Ash and after every layout, I cannot help but want to hug Ash and tell her how much I love her.

If you noticed, first and second months are missing as we did not have our digital camera then and now that our scanner is throwing a tantrum, I cannot get the hardcopies scanned.

What do you think? Isn't Ash a chubby cutie pie?


Anonymous said...

nice work on the digital scrap booking. very nice

ya, kind of missing Ashlyn during that age. so obedient, so adorable, do everything fast....


petite fleur said...

Just drop by to say hi. Love looking at the baby photos. They are so adorable !!

aka penguin
in case you don't know who this is