Friday, March 07, 2008

All ready for the postman

I believe you still remember these HAIR CLIPS

Thank you for participating in my very first give away.
Thank you also for visiting my blog.

Still waiting for one more person to get in touch with me.

Please let me know if periodic give aways are good or a bad deal?


Anonymous said...

what about me? no clip for me?


Apples said...

hihi honey~~!!

i received the hairclips in my mailbox yday! wow! u sure spoilt us by wrapping them in such a cute & pretty packaging! for a moment, i felt like a little girl preciously opening her first present in her whole life.. hehehe.. =p thanks for the hairclips, tonight will put them on my sweetie pie..

& to answer ur question, i think once awhile should have some periodic giveaways but hopefully there's no blacksheeps re-selling those giveaways & taking only wat they need.. bcos, it really can make someone's day!! ^^


Arkerchi said...


glad u like the clips. n will try and have periodic giveaways too.. cos it is good for me to keep crafting.

thanks again