Monday, March 10, 2008

A new shrug for Aver

If you had been following this blog, you will know that Aver is suffering from eczema and her rashes came and go for 9 months already.
Despite the antibiotics and steriod creams, the rashes do come back and it gets infected.
When it is itching, she scratches them and it worsens the condition.
Recently the infected rash at her elbow was clearly up but she scratched it real bad.
It worsened yet again.
So we had to find a solution to prevent her from getting at it again.
At night, she wears her long sleeved pj to sleep and that helps as she cannot scratch the rash directly.
In the day, wearing long sleeved blouses is not an option unless we do not mind the increase electrical bill due to 24 air conditioning.
So I made a shrug for her.

Here she is showing you how happy she is wearing it.
Here is a view from the back.
And this is her answering my question of who is the pretty girl.

It is cool enough to wear over a singlet and if the weather is warm, we can easily pull it of.

Material : 100 % cotton knit
Cost : Scraps from the ponchos that I made


Apples said...

honey, wat is Aver using to clear up the rashes? i mean for shower & the cream..

Arkerchi said...

she uses cetaphil for her shower and for her cream, it all steriod cream prescribed by the specialist at changi hospital.

quite bad right? cos she scratches it and it get infected.

Jarrett Lim G.W said...

I was told by a friend who also have this ezyema her doc told her to apply alot of moisturiser on skin is helpful. 3times a day will be best! Cos when skin dries up, it'll be itchy.
too much steriod is not good. Cetaphil also have cream available, maybe you can try on that?

Arkerchi said...

Hi Jarett;s mummy,
thanks, have slapped on quite a lot of moisturiser prescribed by the specialst. abt steriod creams, i know n quite sad abt applying it. even the specialist also not comfortable with the long term use. but once the infection clears, we are to stop the stronger cream to the lesser one. so other than all these, we can only rely on prayers and God's merciful healing :)