Sunday, March 09, 2008

My Crafting Till Now

I thought I should do a list of all the crafty things that I had done since years ago.

I started with cross stitches but have been neglecting it.
I had tried some Precious Moments designs but I have no idea where they went.
And for those projects that I had completed, I did not frame them up as there was no place for them to be hung up.
These were done some seven to ten years ago.

Then I tried my hands on sewing and started with quilting.
I made a blanket for Aver and then I planned another for Ash.
Although all the blocks had been cut I have yet to sew them yet.
It has been coming to a year.

I moved on to appliques... I did a few bibs for Aver and a few more for friends' babies last Christmas.

After that I started to learn to sew for my two little girls.

Ash and Aver in dresses

Princess in her gown (6 Dec 07)
PhotobucketKimono dresses 1 (08 feb 08)

I think I did sew a few more but I just do not have any photos to show...

Mental note to myself...take more photos!

Next I tried to sew a blouse for myself but it did not work out.

So there is definitely no photos to show at all.

Then there is the halter top I sewed for Pam.

Halter for Pam

Halter for Pam_back

There are other bits and pieces of things I have done.

Hair clips... or barrettes.

I am starting on another batch and this time I used ribbon embroidery and thread embroidery as designs.

There were also grocery bags.

I'm not a plastic bag2

Tissue cozies...

Diaper bags

There are crocheting too.


head band

poncho (sept 2007)


Mushroom Beary 3

And of course, there is the digital scrapbooking.

There... I have lsited down those that I have done in the past few years.

I have a lot of craft supplies sitting in my storeroom waiting for me to turn them into something nice.

Soon... my friends... soon.


Anonymous said...

So.. stop complaining you are imcapable. blah blah blah...

:p Superpig

furrybees said...

So multi-talented! You are a natural.

Apples said...

there's SOOOOOOO many things u can do!! kudos!! hehe.. the grocery bags, tissue cozies, diaper bags & crocheting all i like! really admire ur crafts! i wonder when i can do those.. *sigh* wish i can be ur fren so i can have them for free.. hahaha.. teasing u only.. no offence tho.. =p

take care! =)