Sunday, September 20, 2009

And I finally completed...

these custom ordered crochet bags!

And I had difficulty sharing it here at Blogspot.
I do not know why but uploading of pictures failed like 4 times... I gave up.
So please follow the link below to take a look.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

There had not been much going on in this household ...
More like there had not been much outdoor activities or fun activities in this household...
We are bogged down by the numerous tests and examinations that Ash had to go through...

It has been rather tiring also other then the tests and examinations but also we do not have the car on a regular basis. So on days that we have to go by public transport, there is a hill to climb in the mornings and steps to conquer in the afternoons. I am glad that Superpig has been accompanying us in the mornings and helping out.

This was Superpig waiting for me at mid-hill after sending Ash to her school. (Usually at this point in time, he would be soaked with perspiration... and so would I)

This was him when he noticed my presence.

These were some shrooms growing along the hill that I climbed. It rained that few days so the soil was damp enough for these fellows to grow. However, they dried up the next morning due to the extreme heat from the afternoon before.

This was Aver dozing off while playing with her puzzles. I was in the kitchen while she played by herself and I guess she was exhuasted too.

Taking the opportunity of the week-long school break and the luxury of the car in our possession, we visited the dentist to have Ash's special tooth examined. It was confirmed to be an extra adult tooth and it had to be extracted. So this photo was the pre-extraction.

I think I would stop here for now...
I feel exhausted just by doing this entry...
Maybe I am getting old.