Thursday, July 21, 2005

Got the job

Yesterday, I was saying that there is a possiblity that I may not have the adjunct teacher job...luckily I've gotten it. So I strted work yesterday and everything seems to be going quite alright.

Now, I have to quickly make a decision. The maths HOD has asked me whether Iwould like to take up the P5 EM3 class. There are nine pupils in there and each of them can be quite difficult to handle in terms of behaviour. Now I am at a lost and really wonder whether I am able to do it.

I need a sign from above and Ineed one that is loud and clear since I am always so deaf. Sometimes, He does speak tome butI am not able to hear. So I hope this time, I cna hear Him and what He plans for me to do.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I am starting my new job!

Yippeeeee... yesterday checked my status of appointment as relief teacher and it was approved. So, today I am starting work already!

First thing I need to do when at work is to get all the adminstrative things done with the clerk. Then I've got to meet the P5 teachers to discuss about the things that I am suppose to do for them. After that I've got to find the P3 leave reps to get all the worksheets to sort out.

I wonder how would I feel returning to my old workplace and see my old colleagues. I am a bit scared but definitely happier than in Punggol.

The strange thing is that the pebble that we were suppose to do and then mounted up on the wall of the reception area is still there after so many years. At least for 5 years ... I am very very surprised and thought ...maybe... I am suppose to return to this school after all.

I promise myself that this time I will try my best and put my best foot forward. Forget about the people and stress I had in Punggol.

Yipppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... work.... or NOT!!!

Just got a call from the school and was told that the HQ did not approve of me being adjunct teacher yet. So I have to sit here and wait till 12 p.m. for her to get a hold of HQ and settle the problem. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Friday, July 15, 2005

What happened for the rest of the HK trip?

Nothing worth writing about cos' there was a big quarrel and more shopping. So I wish to put that behind and move on.

Came back home on Monday night and was quite surprise at the state of my house. It ws very bright, clean and neat. Then we realised that Kenny's cousin actually tidied up the house for us when she came over to feed the two little lovable pets.

Then I started to feel a little bit guilty cos' I am definitely not able to keep my house clean and tidy and require the help of someone else. I am very embarrassed and is now seriously looking into how to improve my situation.

There are a few things which I need to change. People will usually wait till the next new year then make the new year resolution but I decided I cannot wait so long. Anyway, with my old job out of the way and me having to start as adjunct teacher back in ACS, I consider it a new start and hence I must make the changes NOW!

The changes:
1. Need to take charge of the house and make sure that everything is as neat and as tidy as possible.
2. Make a timetable to assist me in tidying the house.
3. Curb my expenditure by monitoring how much I spent everyday.
4. Take over the financial management of the house and really be the boss of the house.
5. Spend time with my princess playing and not just studying and teaching. (A lot can be learnt thru' play)
6. Make time for exercising...morning jogs around the estate ... if cannot at least a brisk walk.
7. More couple time with Kenny... we need to establish better communication.
8. Lastly... but the most important... my quiet time with GOD.

That's a lot of changes but I am determine to accomplish them.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Fourth Day in Hong Kong

Was suppose to leave the house by 7 a.m. but we dragged till 8 a.m. Not all of us managaed to wake up on time. Then we set off for Shen Zhen.

Took the MTR and went to Shen Zhen. Then rushed to the custom and then the usual custom checks.

After that went to the building just beside the custom. Ate breakfast, which was very sumptuous. Then we went shopping...start searching for the branded bags. Wow! The people there were very aggressive. They will hussle you all the way till you relent and buy from them but we have refused strongly. The best part is the bargaining. For example, they quote the price of HK$300 and you are not happy with it you bargain. So let say, I want to only pay HK$100, so I quote them my price. If they cannot agree, we go away...they can come chasing you shouting,"$250...come on lah...very cheap already." You continue to walk away. "Come lah, pretty lady...$200 ...can?" Walk further away, ignoring the price. "$150... last price!" Continue to walk away. "Okay okay lah...$100." Turn back and then go buy it!

However, the irritating part is that we have to wait for those people to go to the warehouse to get the goods and you can wait up to half and hour. Sometimes after waiting for half an hour it could be a disappointing wait.

After a few shops, we managed to find a shop assistant who was willing to bring us to the warehouse to choose. So we went but there isn't many and if we want, we still have to wait for the runners to go get the goods but at least the quality of the goods are not that bad.

By the time we return home, it was already almost twelve midnight.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Third Day In Hong Kong

Change of plans, did not go to Shen Zhen today because mother-in-law's maid required a visa. So the whole gang have to go down to Tsim Sha Shui to get it done.

Took the MTR to the destination, waited patiently while they went to get the vis a done. Then tried to find a place to eat breakfast or brunch. While waiting for the resturant to be ready, Kenny, princess and myself went to have a look around. Pop into a shop and bought 4 pieces of clothes at less then S$90. A good buy and the ladies were nice.

When we returned to meet up with them...sad to say it was not very happy. Got told off by Kenny's sister that we should keep to the time and if we wanted to shop should do it later. She was not happy waiting for us. (I am upset...definitely. Cos' most of the time when there is a need to go out together Kenny, Princess and myself have to wait for them. Sometimes, we have to do that waiting game for up to half an hour or an hour... and did I complain? NO!)

After that unhappy brunch, we went shopping again. Of course, since I was told of already, I quietly followed them. As usual the three of us waited while they shopped...I complained? NO! At the second street, think they wanted to shake us off so told us to go our own way so that we did.

We went to Mongkok, where the Ladies Street is. Quite alright there, except that there are many many many people. Got a few more items and then realised that we ran out of cash. Caught a policewoman and asked her directions to the nearest Citibank. We decided to withdraw money. Then we went for desserts. Cool... I love the Zi Mah Hu. Unlike those in Singapore, it is nice and smooth.

After the recharge, we went back to Ladies Street and do more shopping. Came home with many many bags and this time they are MINE!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Second Day in Hong Kong

Woke up like 6 in the morning because it was kind of difficult to sleep in the tight space. Plus, the sky was already very bright outside so mistook it to be 7 or 8 a.m.

Once the moring stuff had been done and breakfast, we sat around and wasted time as the shops don't open early in HK. Plus, today we are going separate ways from Kenny's mother and sister. They are going to Macau to the new casino while we will go to Stanley Market to buy clothes for the princess.

Last year we went to Stanley Market at the end of our trip, we did not have much cash left to buy stuff for the princess. So this year, we decided that we will go there first. So at the end of the afternoon, we really did buy a lot of clothes for the princess... as many as 10 sets ( I think... there will about four to five bags of her clothes!)

Then we took the mini bus back to Causeway Bay. Back there, ww shopped even more. Actually, we were tired but because I wanted to take photos of the busy streets in the day and in the night, we had to continue shopping. Thought I would be the one spending the most money this time? Nope! Kenny did... he bought 4 Polo T-shirts anf 4 collar shirts...all at U2 and the collar shirts were cheap. Each costs HK$59 which is around S$15.

End of the day... I was the loser of all the shopping. Of all the bags, there were only three of my items! :(

Tomorrow... Shen Zhen in China. But our legs are breaking into pieces.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

First Day In Hong Kong

Today, we set off for HK. Woke up at 7 a.m. to get ready and then went to the airport to check in and to eat breakfast. Everything seemed okay... except that if all will just cooperate instead of just being a selfish brat.

Anyway, it was kind of terrible on flight. That was because we accounted about an hour of turbulance so flight was very bumpy and hence developed a rather nasty migraine. Did not manage to eat lunch too. First, I had to make sure that my little princess ate, so I fed her. Second, that air sickness was not very helpful to my digestive system.

Finally made it to HK and then my brother-in-law's house. All things were alright. Settled down and then went out again to eat dinner. Then come the next wave of stress... people! about the crowd in Singapore. The crowd here is about double that in Singapore.

After dinner, shopped and managed to buy two pieces of clothes. Then we shopped for groceries for breakfast for tomorrow.

As for the plan for tomorrow... who knows? I know that I want to go down to the streets at night again and practice my photograhy skills. How I wish I have my Cannon 300D (in my dreams!)